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Soul Trade

I have always imagined England as steeped in magic, every village hiding a secret, and the old gods lurking just out of sight. Ms. Kittredge brings that atmosphere to every page of Soul Trade. Dark, haunting imagery is the hallmark of the Black London series and this book has it in spades. The alternating lead protagonist for each book really gives a unique twist to this fabulous urban fantasy series. As I have stated before in previous reviews, I love being in Jack’s head but with Soul Trade, Pete’s point of view became my favorite. Pete is just as stubborn as Jack. Once she makes up her mind, she digs in her heels and refuses to budge. The twists and turns of this series are a constant, compelling surprise. When I turned the last page of Soul Trade, I started counting the days until Jack and Pete return to take us back down into the Black. 4 and a 1/2 stars for Soul Trade!

The Prometheus Club has shown up like a bad penny while Pete is doing a job. They issue Pete an invitation to a gathering in Manchester, Jack’s birthplace. Ill-inclined to go, curiosity gets the better of her and she opens the invitation, activating a compulsion spell. If she refuses to go, Pete will die. Jack insists on coming along, keeping most of what he knows of this club to himself. When they arrive, the gist of the club’s spiel is they need Pete’s help with a little problem. In order to get the Promethians to leave them alone, they agree. But things never go smoothly for Jack and Pete and they find themselves hip deep in demons trying to prevent the end of the world. Will Pete’s power be enough to save them all?

Book Blurb for Soul Trade

The crow-mage Jack Winter returns—to crash a secret gathering of ghost hunters, soul stealers, and other uninvited guests, both dead and alive…

Normally, Pete Caldecott stays far away from magical secret societies. But ever since her partner and boyfriend Jack Winter stopped a primordial demon from ripping into our world, every ghost, demon, and mage in London has been wide awake—and hungry.  And the magical society in question needs their help putting things right.


It all begins with an invitation.  Five pale figures surround Pete in the cemetery to “cordially” invite her to a gathering of the Prometheus Club. Pete’s never heard of them, but Jack has—and he’s not thrilled about it. Especially the part that says, “Attend or die.” The Prometheans wouldn’t come to London unless something big’s about to go down. So Pete and Jack decide to play it safe and make nice with the club—even if that means facing down an army of demons in the process.  But now that they’ve joined the group, they’re about to discover that membership comes at a cost…and has apocalyptic consequences.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50