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Shifted, #1

I was intrigued by the back cover blurb for Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander. I thought, how cool, the main character is a nurse and she has no superpowers! So I just had to try it and boy, am I glad I did.

Edie is so normal, so average it is quite refreshing. She is stumbling her way through the job as best she can. Her relationship with her brother is frustrating. Her coworkers are standoffish and it feels like Edie can’t catch a break. She seems incredibly lonely, doesn’t have really anyone in her life except her cat.

She can’t kick butt like other urban fantasy heroines but it doesn’t keep her from looking for Anna. I love that determination against the odds! I was surprised by how dark and gritty this novel was. The cover and back blurb do give you the feeling that it would be a little lighter than it actually is. Also, nurses generally have a dark sense of humor and this comes through on almost every page.

There are several intense moments that kept me turning the pages as fast as I could. When I finished, I literally groaned because I wanted to read the next book so badly. If you are looking for a fresh and different take on the supernatural community, you must try Nightshifted.

Edie works on the Y4 floor at the County Hospital, the secret floor reserved for supernatural cases. She has to take the job there because of a bargain she struck to protect her brother. The pay is low and the job is dangerous. When a vampire dies on her watch, his last words, Save Anna, haunt her. Edie becomes obsessed with finding Anna and it brings her in contact with some dangerous folks. But she can’t stop, no matter how bad things get. How is a normal girl supposed to survive surrounded by vampires, shapeshifters, and zombies?

Book Blurb for Nightshifted

From debut author Cassie Alexander comes a spectacular new urban fantasy series where working the nightshift can be a real nightmare. Nothing compares to being Nightshifted.

Nursing school prepared Edie Spence for a lot of things. Burn victims? No problem. Severed limbs? Piece of cake. Vampires? No way in hell. But as the newest nurse on Y4, the secret ward hidden in the bowels of County Hospital, Edie has her hands full with every paranormal patient you can imagine—from vamps and were-things to zombies and beyond…

Edie’s just trying to learn the ropes so she can get through her latest shift unscathed.  But when a vampire servant turns to dust under her watch, all hell breaks loose. Now she’s haunted by the man’s dying words—Save Anna—and before she knows it, she’s on a mission to rescue some poor girl from the undead. Which involves crashing a vampire den, falling for a zombie, and fighting for her soul. Grey’s Anatomy was never like this…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00