World of Ash

Jax and Stu must journey through a landscape covered by a volcanic ash cloud. For Jax, it is a testament of his loyalty to his employer that he undertakes the dangerous task. Stu would rather forego the experience but is shamed into proceeding by his buddy, Jax. The men suit up with special clothing and respirators to begin the arduous seven mile trek through the noxious cloud. Not long after, they encounter a strange man standing on the side of the road. After relaying more troubling information about the dangers ahead the stranger offers the two temporary shelter in his old farmhouse.

This is a tightly-woven, scary short story that was impossible for me to put down once I read the first sentence. I was absolutely there smelling the sulfurous fumes along with Jax and Stu. The creep factor escalated until my skin was crawling by the time I followed the two young men into their other-worldly nightmare. This story provides a captivating short escape into the terror of the unknown.

Book Blurb for World of Ash

Jax has always succumbed to his boss’ wishes in an effort to please him. When he is asked to journey to the town of Tellare with a volcanic ash cloud standing in his way, Jax realizes the dangers, but he accepts the job anyway. He even brings along his friend Stu as company. However, Jax starts to regret his decision when Stu puts up resistance and conditions continue to worsen. What awaits them inside the ash cloud, and will Stu prove to be a liability when push comes to shove? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.50