Lips of Velvet

Sandra, a home favoring bookworm and editor, gets suckered into a night on the town with her sister. She meets the mysterious Lucy, shares a drink, and can’t explain the sudden attraction to the woman to randomly pop into her life. Small problems arise, and Lucy walks away as she hides a broken heart after a night of something they both enjoyed. By chance, they are reunited after the incident, and the mysterious woman as she is, Lucy has to decide between revenge or forgiveness. I was curious to know what she chooses.

Wow. I honestly mean, wow! This isn’t exactly what I was expecting to see, but as a recently turned fan to this author, I haven’t picked up much of her work yet. However, this detailed story in just a few short pages kept me on the edge of my chair wanting more. In a total of twenty pages, this author took the story to the extremes. By that, I mean that she developed a great connection to her readers and by the end of page one I was hooked! Sandra has the same inner monologue that most woman have around her age, a “Why not me!?” type of feeling, not to mention the familiarity of the narrator/reader connection. This book reminds readers that love is unexpected, random, and yet it is a beautiful thing. Also, that it comes in many shapes, sizes, and that love is NOT gender discriminatory. This book has got me very excited to read more of her work in the future, especially if it’s as fun as this one was!

Book Blurb for Lips of Velvet

Bookworm Sandra is dragged out for a night on the town by her sister. When she meets the sexy and exotic Lucy, she is instantly attracted to her. But will their spontaneous combustion burn out as quickly as it ignites or will it lead to a long term flame?

Lucy can’t help but be drawn in by Sandra’s intelligent and fun nature. But when Sandra suggests that she was just using Lucy for sex, Lucy is a strong enough woman to hide her broken heart and walk away. A chance meeting brings them back together. Will Lucy seek revenge for a moment of stupidity?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 5.00