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Boca Daze

If you love mysteries, this book is for you as it was terrific! Not only could I NOT put it down, but I’m going to obtain his other book in this series (and check out any OTHER books he may have written to boot!). Very straightforward in his approach, but it’s the results which are spectacular. Mr. Forman deals with serious, real-life issues in a practical manner. He makes the reader aware of the dangers in medicine and how lax some loopholes are which contribute to hurt people instead of heal. Aside from the issues, it’s really about who committed the crimes and how they get their just desserts. I also enjoyed how little I needed to know about the previous book in this series to understand the characters, previous actions, and how the first book impacts the second book. If you need a light reading companion on your trip, or you need something serious with funny moments, or you love mysteries, then this book is for you.

As for what I saw as barriers, if you’re not aware of the cultural barriers in Florida and how they were established, you may have some problems understanding how things fit in this crime book. If you’re not aware of the impact the freeway system had on citizens living in its way, take a look at Route 66’s history from completion to when the freeway system took over. You will see some communities and roads disappear with the advent of the freeway. Either way, bon voyage, enjoy your trip in Florida with Boca Daze!

Book Blurb for Boca Daze

Retired Boston cop Eddie Perlmutter returns in Steven Forman's Boca Daze.  Since moving to Boca Raton, Florida, Eddie’s busted Russian counterfeiters, solved at least two murders, thwarted neo-Nazi harassment, and gained justice for a number of those who couldn’t do it for themselves. This “Boca Knight” knows no fear—except perhaps when he’s facing the intimate challenge of sex as a sexagenarian. But Eddie may have met his match when he tries to shut down a string of illegal pill mills and finds himself a financial scammer as big as Bernie Madoff.

Armed with his unfailing wit, his Boston-bred fighting skills, and his courage in the face of danger that would make any sensible retiree head for the comfort of his condo, Eddie’s walking on gimpy knees straight into the most dangerous game of his never-dull life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50