This was not my first Annabel Joseph book and once again I was not disappointed. Her ability to pen realistic, emotional and sexy BDSM stories continues to amaze me. Fortune is a sequel of sorts to Deep in the Woods but you do not need to read it first to pick up this story. That's a great touch even though I had read Deep in the Woods prior to Fortune.

At first I wasn't sure what I would think of Kat. A club girl didn't sound up my alley and in truth I didn't always like her in the story but isn't that the hallmark of a realistic character? Someone you can sometimes relate with and sometimes not, sometimes empathize with and sometimes not. But in the end you are glad you made the journey with her and are happy with the results. It makes for an interesting read.

I liked Ryan in Deep in the Woods and enjoyed him here even more. Even though he pushed Kat when he wanted to (something I'd expect from a Dom), he also had a lot of patience for her. For me some of the hottest scenes in this book are not the ones he planned out, such as the group scene with Dave and Sophie from Deep in the Woods, but the moments when he absolutely needed to exert his dominance to get past some of Kat's barriers even if his own control slipped a little. That's when a story gets real for me. A relationship is messy and not always politically correct and I love an author willing to go there.

Fortune is at its core a romance between a man and a woman who need that extra something that BDSM fills for them and if you have any interest at all in reading an emotionally intense BDSM romance, I highly recommend Fortune.

Book Blurb for Fortune

Kat doesn’t know whether or how to end her six-night-a-week party habit, not to mention her unhealthy addiction to meaningless sex. Then an accident lands her in the hospital. She wakes to find a menagerie of origami figures—and a gorgeous neurosurgeon—beside her bed. The complexity of the paper creations is nothing compared to the complexity of dark-eyed, authoritative Ryan, who seems determined to give her life some direction. Trouble is, Kat’s just as determined to resist his efforts to tame her wild side.

With persistence, Ryan draws Kat into his world of dominance and submission, where quiet commands and lengths of rope awaken needs and desires she never knew she possessed. But Ryan’s intimate, erotic shibari sessions frighten Kat as much as they excite her, for each simple knot requires infinite trust and inspires complicated emotions.

When a family crisis tests their love and threatens to snap the fragile ties that bind them, will fortune ever smile on this unlikely couple, or will fate tear them apart?

Reader Advisory: For those who subscribe to a “more the merrier” philosophy (*cough* we do *cough*), this story contains a scintillating m/f/f/m scene.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00