Whispers of Innocence

Whispers of Innocence entwines several subplots. Micki Lewis, a journalist who was once an abused child of the Children of God community based in Arizona, has returned to the scene of her childhood to investigate drug trafficking.

Drake Elliot, a US Marshall whose wife was murdered by a drug-ring hitman, has come to the same city to avenge his wife's death.

At the center of it all is Enoch Smith, the leader of the Children of God cult.

Hoping to figure out how and where the drugs are coming from, Micki takes an undercover job delivering milk. Meanwhile, Drake is trying to help his son recover from the trauma of seeing his mother's head blown off.

Drake keeps running into Micki. Although she's tough as nails, she needs help in one form or another. Over dinner the two realize they are both involved in trying to bring down the same drug traffickers. After Drake discovers he can't dissuade Micki, they join forces.

Meanwhile, Drake has handed over his son to the unorthodox care of the Children of God community. When he discovers they are at the root of the problem, can he get his son back unharmed? And can Micki survive the investigation when her boss discovers she's not who she seems?

Whispers of Innocence is intricately plotted and complex, yet not hard to follow. The opening scenes suck you in and never let you go. For me, portrayal of life in a cult is always fascinating. In Whispers of Innocence we get glimpses of both the bad and the good.

Both Micki's and Drake's characters are well developed and believable. This is a page turner. I highly recommend this intriguing story.

Book Blurb for Whispers of Innocence

Border violence; corpses abandoned in the desert. Trafficking in an unknown drug. A dangerous religious cult in an isolated community. Sounds like headlines ripped from today’s newspaper but it’s the reality of the romantic suspense, Whispers of Innocence.

Enoch Smith, an intelligent, yet psychotic cult leader, uses more than his flock to execute God’s wrath on a sinful nation and evil government. Drake Elliot, a US Marshal underestimates the power of the cartel that injures his son and maims himself. Under the guise of protecting his brain-damaged son, Drake seeks revenge and returns to Arizona to find the cold and calculating people responsible for this tragedy. Micki Lewis, a journalist in Tucson, receives a tip regarding the origins of the latest drug to hit the streets and returns to Alta Vista, home of Enoch’s Children of God community in which she was once a member. Drake and Micki join forces to uncover the secrets behind the cult and its success helping children like Drake’s son recover normalcy. What they find is far worse than drugs coming across the border. Their discovery provides answers to the shadows that haunt their dreams and the hidden connection into their past; and their lives will never be the same.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.75