The Geneva Connection

Murder, kidnapping, blackmail, multi-million dollar deals, drug cartels, adultery, law enforcement, The Geneva Connection has it all.

With the recession in full swing, John Kent's London-based private equity firm is having a heyday buying controlling chucks of undervalued, desperate companies.

However, buying out troubled companies is a risky game. When things go south, John finds the tables are turned, and his firm is the one needing to be bailed out. When an investment firm offers to back him, John doesn't ask too many questions.

It turns out his savior company is a front for a drug cartel, and that's when his world starts to implode. The United States has been working to cripple the cartel, and John's firm and its assets become a pawn in the mess.

Hoping to save himself and his wife, John decides to skim a little of the cream. Will the plan backfire in his face, or can John outsmart them all?

The Geneva Connection weaves a complex tale involving police, investors, and thugs. From an international perspective, it was interesting. The plot was twisted and ever moving with many players at work.

However, I found the characters were wooden and unlikeable, and I tired of the ongoing brutality. It starts with a torture scene and only got slightly better from there. Innocent people are caught in the crossfire adding to the mind-numbing violence.

Overall, I found the Geneva Connection interesting, but didn't much enjoy the ride.

Book Blurb for The Geneva Connection

John Kent thought he had it all. The phenomenal success of his private equity firm has propelled him into the world’s wealthy super-league. Self-made and from a poor background, he’s living his dream. Then he discovers his financial backers are a front for the world’s largest organized crime group, the Mexican Caruana drug cartel. It is run by Felix Safuentes, also known as “Jivaro” after the South American tribe famous for decapitating its enemies. Kent’s nightmare hasn’t even started...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50