The Boy Who Delivered The Wind

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The Boy Who Delivered The Wind

The Boy Who Delivered the Wind is an engaging story told from a tween boy's point of view. It gives us a little paranormal, a little suspense, and a little mystery. With two flawed, yet well-meaning boys, the story has a little more depth than many YA novels yet maintains its playful nature.

Written in a meandering style reminiscent of a delightful hike, I enjoyed turning the pages to discover what the boys would do next. This author is particularly good at making his characters believable.

The story begins when Russ, a typical nice boy who wants to do the right thing, discovers Sammy in the woods. Sammy, a skinny, opinionated kid, insists the wind talks to him.

Sammy is desperate to support his family and comes up with ideas to make money fast. Russ agrees to help him, but in their pursuit of cash, they get pulled into the dangerous world of real criminals.

Unsure who to trust or where to turn, the boys rely on their wits.

Book Blurb for The Boy Who Delivered The Wind

Two boys, a gang of thugs, and an unruly coral snake all add up to trouble.

Weary of school and his mundane small town life, young Russell befriends a lonely boy who claims that he can communicate with nature by means of the wind. Armed with this knowledge the unlikely pair set out to raise the ten thousand dollars the boy insists he needs to save his home from foreclosure and to keep his already dysfunctional family from falling apart.

Along the way the boys encounter a murderous gang of hoodlums who also have money on their minds, a skneaky fox who always seems to turn up at the wrong time, a mother hawk willing to do anything to protect her young, and a venemous coral snake with unclear loyalties.

The Boy Who Delivered the Wind is a moving piece of literary fiction exploring the bonds between friends and the heroic efforts of two very different boys to find something to hold onto in a chaotic and sometimes dangerous world.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50