Power Struggle

Power Struggle by Kelly Jamieson was my first time reading the BDSM genre of books. I really enjoyed taking a walk on the wild side and being a voyeur into a lifestyle that I know nothing about. Power Struggle was a well-written story of Dev, a young (hot!) doctor and Tori, the Vice President of her company. (It was a little disheartening though to realize that, even though Tori was portrayed as an older woman, she was still much younger than me!) But there was much to be said for a younger man and an older (sic) woman.
Tori used this lifestyle to relax and cede control since she had to always be in control at work. By experiencing BDSM, Tori was able to give control to someone else and by doing that she was able to experience release.
Power Struggle did get a little deep (intense) when Dev tried to come to terms with his dominate tendencies. He was brought up to respect women and he had trouble differentiating between respect for women and being a dominate in a relationship.
Power Struggle was a wonderful book and a great read for a lazy day.

Book Blurb for Power Struggle

Tori is the vice president of her company. Her career is all about being in charge, solving problems, making decisions. But in the bedroom she likes to give up control. She likes to be taken to the edge, likes the heady pleasure of pain, likes how it sets her free.

Dev is a physician. In his career, he has sworn to do no harm and was taught that raising a hand to a woman is wrong. And he is nearly a decade younger than Tori.

The attraction between Tori and Dev is more than just physical—they both feel a connection of spirit. They begin a relationship that seems to work despite their age difference. But when Tori reveals what she really wants in bed, Dev’s not sure if he has it in him to give it to her. And Tori isn’t sure she can have a relationship with someone who can’t accept her for who she is. It’s a power struggle.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75