Time Stalker

Vicki Crawford is an interior designer and has her own business in that field. She has a great family, great friends, nice condo and a pretty good life. But, lately her life has been turned upside down with fear because of a crazy stalker named Steve Davis. Somehow when Steve breaks into Vicki’s condo one night and Vicki prays for help they both are transported back in time to 1857 Virginia!

Godfrey Monroe is a true Southern gentleman! When he sees Vicki being accosted by another man he knows he must save her. When he finds out she is all alone with nowhere to go, he decides to take her to his Cousin Melissa father’s plantation Three Leaf, where she will be safe until he can find out more about her.

The more time Godfrey and Vicki spend together, the more they become to care for one another. But, Vicki is leery of caring too much for Godfrey and his family because she knows she must return to her own time. She is also on the look out for Steve because she knows he is crazy and will stop at nothing or let no one get in his way to get to her.

Will Godfrey be able to keep Vicki safe from Steve? Can he help her find her way back home? Or will he get his wish and she will stay with him forever? Will Vicki ever find her way back to her own time? If she does, will she want to leave Godfrey?

“Time Stalker” is a marvelous story that takes the reader on a magnificent adventure through time itself! You will find yourself swept up in this engaging book and the people in it, the second you pick it up! Godfrey and Vicki are two people whom the reader can connect with from the start and will want to take their journey with them, wherever it may lead!

“Time Stalker” takes the reader back to pre-Civil War Virginia where the reader becomes so enthralled they will swear they can smell the sweet scent of magnolias in the air! This is one book you will want to read again and again! Sabrina Conrad has written a beautiful love story that transcends the hands of time! I am looking forward to reading more of her breathtaking books and seeing where and when she will takes us next!

Book Blurb for Time Stalker

Fleeing from the clutches of a stalker, Vicki Crawford is mysteriously whisked from modern-day Tampa, Florida to the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia…circa 1857. Following her into this strange ‘new’ world, her stalker remains in constant pursuit, fixated on her becoming ‘his and his alone’. In 1800’s Virginia, Vicki meets a man who could be her soul mate. With danger just behind her, should she fight for true love or risk it all to return to her own time?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00