Nightmare City

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Nightmare City

One word describes this novel to a T: wow. A non-stop roller coaster ride of pure horror from beginning to end, Nightmare City tells the story of three uniquely gifted triplet brothers, Robert, Peter, and Gabriel. Robert is the responsible one, using his talents for the good of mankind. Peter is unsure how to utilize his powers, and thus is rather reclusive. Gabriel understands far too well how to wield his talents, using them to create pure terror wherever he goes. After Gabriel kills their parents at a young age, the brothers separate, with Gabriel going one way and Robert and Peter going another. Eventually the brothers will regroup, Robert and Peter growing up and growing in their powers to face an evil and terrifying Gabriel. Some will win, some will lose. Who prevails? Read on for the answer.

In reading this novel, I perceived the undertones of good versus evil, the eternal struggle of God versus the Devil, although I am unsure if the author intended this or not. The novel starts off moving fast and never slows down, making this a very intense story. The story flows well, and the characters are extremely well developed. This is a very exciting read for anyone who loves the horror genre.

Book Blurb for Nightmare City

They can control people’s minds. What happens when they can’t control themselves?

Three brothers. One rare and terrifying ability: they can control people’s minds. Robert considers it a gift--he's used the power to set off on a successful career. For Peter, it's been a curse. He couldn't adjust and turned to drugs, a broken man. And Gabriel... he took yet another path. He sees the full potential. He embraces the evil. As he travels the globe, no one in his path is safe. He's about to unleash his ultimate plan, but first he needs to destroy the only ones who might stand in his way. His brothers.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00