Chains of Frost

The Bellum Sisters, #1

Chloe Bellum is a succubus with a huge problem. Her father, the Protector for her and her two sisters, has died. To make matters worse, he has gone and done what he swore never to do: leave his daughters to three different supernatural men to care for their needs and become their Protectors! To Chloe, as well as her other sisters, this is atrocious and simply not to be borne. So in a desperate bid for freedom, the girls take off to England to perform a ritual that goes horribly wrong. In her desperate escape, Chloe is abducted by three strange men, and arrives at the home of Tyrian en Kulev, a vampire army leader and her new Protector. That’s where things go from interesting to fascinating in a heartbeat. Tyrian is a complex man, full of secrets Chloe is determined to unravel. To complicate matters even more, a demon is hot on her trail, and her impending 29th birthday is rapidly approaching, and this is when a succubus reached full maturity and must mate frequently to survive. Can Chloe unravel the chains around Tyrian’s heart, stop a demon and still stay alive? Read on to find out.

Having never read a novel by this author before, I was delighted to pick up this novel. It is extremely fast paced and never slows down. The story flows beautifully together, and will lead perfectly into the second novel. This is a truly enchanting novel that will grab the interest of readers everywhere and will not let go.

Book Blurb for Chains of Frost

Three Fates. Three Sisters.

When a will from her dead father decrees Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev, she does what any woman would do—and casts a spell. Things get worse for Chloe when the spell she and her sisters perform summons an ancient demon from deep within the earth. Now she's being hunted by a demon set on killing her and must live at the aptly named Castle Death with the king of cold, Tyrian. Surprisingly, Chloe finds that she doesn’t mind her new Protector so much. His cold, impassionate nature needs a firm push to show his true colors, and Chloe thinks she’s just the one to do it.

Tyrian en Kulev always pays his debts. When Francis Bellum dies and orders Tyrian to act as his eldest daughter’s Protector, Tyrian resigns himself to the position. What should have been a simple deal--keep her in the castle, protect her--has turned difficult. Chloe comes to him with a demon trying to kill her and a sexy attitude that keeps invading his thoughts everywhere he goes. The little succubus easily grabs hold of the heart he’d kept locked away for so long and makes him feel once again. But can they defeat the demon that haunts her and can Tyrian overcome his past and move on to a new future with Chloe?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00