Beyond the Gate

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Beyond the Gate

The Futhark Chronicles, #2 - To Be Read In Order

Oh Yes! Susan did this one in style! This entire book was as I expected it to be without being predictable. When you put the fate of the world in the hands of your characters, you can always expect something to knock you for a great loop. Once again, Susan brings this to me in grand style. Sparring no part of herself to bring us the most entertaining book since the first of these two.

Her writing was smooth and effortless as she wasted no time hypnotizing me with her latest tale from Fuchark (Or it might be Futhark.) This second book compliments the first with a renewed flare as Susan brings to life old friends and new. Clear and focused, Susan knew what she wanted to say and I felt every word.

I only have one real issue with this volume. I now have to wait for Susan to publish another wonderful book. Everyone should have this series in their collection. 

Book Blurb for Beyond the Gate

Cage Stone and Keeper Sabelline Shelton begin the dangerous journey to reset the seals and halt the demon invasion of Futhark. But nothing is as it should be. Cage’s keen senses guide them to a place previously unknown to mankind. Here Cage will discover some bitter truths about his past, and he and Sabelline will learn how truly desperate is the future for mankind. Racing to help their friends save Futhark, both know their only chance is for Cage to give up his humanity. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50