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First of all, the title needs to be changed to "The Ultimate Manual of Kinky Sex, BDSM, and Control for Dummies"! If this is your first time crossing the line into the Dark Side, then I recommend this book as a guide!

I fell hard for the hero, Gabriel, who is as angelic as his namesake. I haven't fallen in love with a written hero since...hmm, has it been so long that I have forgotten? So many heroes are cookie-cutter cutouts bulging with muscles and testosterone lacking real brains or even emotions. Romance novel heroes show their emotions by being jealous, over-protective pricks. As if that's healthy! But Gabriel, that man was special! He had a horrific, stickler, prudish past that made me wince in a terrible way! He was mistreated and abused. Whenever Charlotte Stein would delve into his past, I had to clench my teeth just to make it through! But no matter how hard life has been, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Enter Madison, the cutest, most open heroine I have yet to meet! She is a self-described sidekick to the actual straight-laced heroine! The "best friend" who gets into all kinds of kinky trouble but honestly, Madison is the REAL heroine. She is not afraid to express herself sexually, although, she does have trouble with the "L" word--Love. But with all excellent character arcs, she eventually finds herself and becomes completely fulfilled. You go, girl!

I desperately enjoyed this wild romp through erotica even though the heroine wasn't fighting zombies or falling for werewolves. I will warn you, gentle reader, that this isn't a tale for the faint of heart or those who are especially fond of missionary position--this is intense. Every chapter is raging with sex. But this story is more than just sex--If anything, the sexual progression seems to tell the character arcs like "Ballroom Dancing" does with dance.

There is only one thing I had qualm with--the term "arse". It's a UK thing, I guess. I just really like the word "ass" instead. It's so much more hardy! But obviously, that is pure opinion and does not detract from the story!

Book Blurb for Control

When Madison Morris decides to hire an assistant to help run her naughty bookshop, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Aggressive Andy doesn't quite make the grade, but continues to push her buttons in other areas, while uptight and utterly repressed Gabriel can't quite take Madison's training techniques. One makes her grasp control, while the other makes her lose it. But the lines are blurring and she's no longer sure who's leading and who's following. In the midst of kinky threesomes and power plays, can Madison work out what she really wants?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00