Valkyrie's Vengeance

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Valkyrie's Vengeance

Maidens of the Shield #1

Tyra Svensdottir was on a blood hunt. She would kill the red-headed Viking who'd slain the old woman. Enid had saved her life when Tyra washed ashore the Saxon coast and for 10 years was her only friend. Her death would be avenged. Tyra was a warrior and she surprises the Vikings, taking one of the men hostage. She intends to force him to take to the object of her quest. But in the end, who is the prisoner and who is the keeper? Rorik is amused, intrigued and attracted to the stunning Vallkyrie who has kidnapped him. However, the man she wishes to kill is his friend and king. He will play along with her for now as he must return home to protect his people. The journey is perilous; and secrets and destiny will bind the two together, that is, if they can survive.

I love Viking romance stories and this was a particularly well written one. The author creates a fascinating tale of treachery, destiny, romance and Viking lore. I loved the quotes that began each chapter. Tyra and Rorik are absolutely right together. From their dialogue to their dangerous journey, everything felt real and meant to be. There's adventure, suspense and a beautiful love story. Fascinating characters and a subplot involving betrayal and legend simply add to a already enjoyable tale. I also appreciated the fact that this story doesn't involve the typical Viking warrior/Viking slave relationship. A Valkyrie's Vengeance is a creative, sassy and sexy read, just right for the historical romance fan.

Book Blurb for Valkyrie's Vengeance

Stranded on foreign soil. Rescued and raised by the enemy. Tyra Svensdottir declares war on her own people after witnessing the death of the very woman who’d saved her life. Kidnapping the man who wields the sword of the underworld—Hel’s Hammer—Tyra forces him to repair her shipwrecked vessel. Her quest to kill the swordsman’s king takes them across frigid waters on a myriad of adventures and a voyage of sensual discovery.

Rorik Thorlicksson uncovers treachery within his clan but in order to return home to warn of the impending attack, he must yield to the woman holding him captive. Along their voyage he unravels the mystery behind his captor. He discovers she is the woman promised to him in wedlock at birth though her disappearance years ago released him from his betrothal. Dissuading the little heathen from her purpose and into his bed becomes a more appealing prospect with every passing day.

Blood vengeance brings them together even as desire binds their hearts. Amongst the secrets and obscurities of their destinies, they find a love that spans a lifetime as well as an end to A Valkyrie’s Vengeance.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50