Rogue Countess

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Rogue Countess

Jude was back. Her husband had dumped her on their wedding day and never looked back. Alone and vulnerable, Anna fought to make life for herself. And she did. Now a respected horse breeder, Anna must face her the husband who abandoned her. Jude came back to England to assume his responsibilities and rid himself of the woman he was tricked into marrying. But Anna is nothing like he remembered and he's intrigued. Even though each wants the other to pay, a smouldering attraction rages between them. As their feelings grow, secrets bring danger to both of them.

This was a fantastic historical romance. Both the story and the characters are a refreshing change of pace. Anna is perhaps one of the my most favorite heroines ever. She is courageous and strong without seeming super-human. Although there were times I could have slapped Jude upside the head, he really did change and grow. The dialogue is very well written and I found Jude and Anna's honesty refreshing. There are bumps on their journey to each other but the story isn't filled with the all too common 'misunderstandings' that riddle many stories. Their underlying passion was sizzling and very much a part of the romance. Anna's relationship with her friend Leif adds to story as well. If Regency romance is your thing or you just enjoy strong characters and a sexy romance the I highly recommend this one. I hope there are more stories to come and I'm happy to add a new author to my auto-buy list.

Book Blurb for Rogue Countess

A passion neither of them wanted…and neither can deny.

Anna Locke was once young, naïve and infatuated with the handsome Jude Sinclair. Until the charismatic “gentleman” showed his true colors by abandoning her on their wedding day.

In the years since, she has transformed herself into a confident, successful woman, independent of her errant husband’s aristocratic family in every way but name. When Jude unexpectedly returns demanding a divorce, she quashes the butterflies he still elicits, and resolves to show him she won’t be so easily cast aside.

Jude has come home to assume the responsibilities left to him upon his father’s death, and to finally end the marriage into which he was tricked. To his surprise, Anna is no longer an awkward, skinny girl with a furtive gaze. She has become a lush, enigmatic vixen with dark eyes that shield secrets she seems determined to keep.

In their intimate war of wills, the heat of bold desire flares into passion—and casts light on a shared past tangled in lies and blackmail. But until Jude can win her trust and learn the truth, there will be no destroying the obstacles that loom darkly between them…and the love that should have been theirs.

Warning: This title contains a shockingly revealing sapphire gown, highly improper behavior at a masquerade, a tangled web of deception, and perhaps most scandalous of all, a fiery passion that flares to life between a husband and wife who have been estranged since their wedding day.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00