Cowboy Bad Boys

“Cowboy Bad Boys” by Randi Alexander is a sizzling combination of ten erotic short stories that display the author’s talent at creating a complete tale within the constraints of a limited number of pages. Each vignette is a very different picture of the life of a cowboy combined with a hurdle that must be surmounted in order to achieve a delightfully passionate relationship. For me, the charm is discovering the different types of cowboys who range from rancher to Texas Ranger to bullrider or bullfighter, from to Sheriff to veterinarian who are all strong self-assured males yet are willing to do almost anything to win their women, not to mention the sensual skills that they demonstrate. A delightfully satisfying read, looking forward to reading more from this author.

The stories in this collection introduce a fascinating collection of men including a rancher whose duties as best man lead him to pick up a beautiful model but he couldn’t have planned on getting stuck in an avalanche with her, a couple of veterinarians who discover that life will be a lot better if they work together rather than against each other, a no-frills cowboy who learns what is going to keep his lady in his life, a bullrider who discovers that it is going to be easier to deal with his new sponsor than he ever imagined--if he can meet the terms of their deal, a woman who discovers a new life even as she honors her father’s last wishes and five other delightful tales.

Book Blurb for Cowboy Bad Boys

Ten Erotic Romances

Body Heat – When a rancher and his gorgeous passenger are buried in his truck under an avalanche, they discover a sensual way to keep warm.

Breakfast in Bed – A ranch foreman devises a plan to keep his woman from bolting out of his bed every time they're through making love.

Hard Headed Cowboy – When a rodeo bull rider needs a lift, his sexy equipment sponsor makes him a proposition.

High Country Ride – Fulfilling her father's last wishes, a city girl hires a hot cowboy to guide her into the Rockies.

Kill Me or Kiss Me – With her life in danger, an exotic dancer has to trust a sexy cattle rustler to keep her alive.

No Way Out – The town sheriff and the beautiful bank president he's been lusting after are cornered by a killer.

Private Lessons – When her girlfriends buy her a mechanical bull lesson with a real bull rider, a college girl gets a sensual ride from her high school crush.

Stubborn Redhead – The rancher's woman left him because of rumors of his cheating, but what will it take to make her believe his innocence?

Takin' a Chance – A barrel racer has one last opportunity to seduce the sexy rodeo bullfighter she's fallen for.

Where We Left Off – In desperate need of help, a country veterinarian contacts the man she'd loved but booted out of her life years ago.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 5.00