Charmed By His Love

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Charmed By His Love

Spellbound Falls Series, #2

“Charmed By His Love” by Janet Chapman is part of her ‘A Spellbound Falls Romance’ series and picks up where “Spellbound Falls” left off. Maximus Oceanus has rearranged the geology according to his specifications but there is still plenty that needs to be refined, including having roads and bridges built in the Maine region that is being established as a wilderness resort. He has hired Duncan MacKeage to see that the job gets done but their ties go back much farther than the current project. No stranger to magic but a perennial bachelor, Duncan is blindsided when he meets the widow Peg Thompson and her four children. His warrior skills are no match for the inadvertent siege that is waged upon his heart when he discovers that the plucky woman is raising active four-year olds, shy Jacob and his fearless twin Peter, along with their sisters six-year old Isabel and eight but wise beyond her years Charlotte. Ever since the tragic death of their father on his thirtieth birthday she has found a way to make ends meet (by one way or another) and is determined to complete the construction on their new house that he had started with her. The one thing she is determined NOT to do, is ever subject another man to the curse in her bloodline by allowing him into her heart. Duncan will have to find a way to convince the stubborn woman to not only let him have access to her gravel pit but to allow him into her life. The only trouble is that he is inevitably going to have to find a way to access his own magic and the crafty Maximus has his own plans for the determined warrior and his strong arm.

A delightful tale that combines magic and mayhem and continues the delightful exploration of the beauties of Maine life. The author deftly combines the mysticism of the powers that Maximus, Duncan and many of the other men have with the pragmatism of a widow struggling to survive, neighbors protesting the changes in their lives, the difficulties of obtaining employment in a struggling economy, etc. The playful leviathan and shy canine provide an entertaining counterpoint to characters such as the illicit marijuana farmers and scientists studying the recent geologic upheaval and who can resist the adorable four-year-old twins. There are many touching scenes including the one that features the shy Jacob carefully instructing the massive Duncan to use his worry stone outside of of his pocket so that he doesn’t look ‘unservalized’ as if he is playing ‘pocket pool’! A wonderful combination of magic and romance, looking forward to the next in the series.

Book Blurb for Charmed By His Love

New York Times bestselling author Janet Chapman takes you back to the magical town of Spellbound Falls, where Duncan MacKeage is about to uncover great love with hidden dangers…

All Duncan MacKeage wants is to keep his crew building roads and bridges up the mountain to the fancy resort overlooking Spellbound Falls’ new inland sea. He doesn’t want anything to do with his own family magic or with the beautiful widow, Peg Thompson, and her tribe of little heathens. But when Duncan is tasked with keeping an eye on the widow Thompson, trouble starts.

Because of a family curse, Peg fears that giving in to her desires will mean killing off another lover. But Duncan—the strong, handsome man buying her gravel—is unbelievably tempting and determined to take care of her. Torn between her head and her heart, will Peg find the strength to break free of her black-widow curse? Or will pursuing their attraction put these lovers in harm’s way?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00