Getting Even with Warren

Decadent like chocolate…mmmmm, readers who have been in relationships where they have been neglected, rejected, or even simply humiliated repeatedly will especially find this tale enticing. Payback is a “witch”, but in this case, it is delicious.

Macy Halstead, the widow of Warren Halstead, is making the right moves and doing the motions of a grieving wife, when in reality she is livid. Shortly before Warren’s death, Macy discovered his many affairs throughout the years he has been married to her and she was about to divorce him. During the funeral she meets many relatives, especially the son she never knew Warren had, a bi-racial illegitimate son who goes by the name Alex Jackson.

Alex Jackson attends his father’s funeral, but upon seeing his deceased father’s widow, decides that the best revenge against the memory of his cold and absent father is to sleep with Macy. Macy is no innocent in this move forward either as she also sees it a fitting payback to sleep with the sexy son of the man who made her life a joke in the eyes of all who knew of his philandering ways.

After one night together, Macy realizes that Alex is nothing like his father. Alex realizes that he is attracted to Macy for the beautiful and intelligent woman she is and finds that he is not interested in revenge anymore. They both decide that their relationship really does not have a future so they part ways and return to their lives, miles apart. However, Alex’s job brings him back into Macy’s life and they must face their feelings for each other as well as decide if this is worth fighting for and taking a leap of faith for again.

Will Macy decide to give love another chance and trust Alex? Will Alex tell Macy how he really feels about her and be strong enough to fight her demons? I recommend this quick read as it is an excellent storyline and the author, Wynter Daniels, does an incredible job showing us the tale through the perspectives of each of these unforgettable characters. You will remember them and root for them and their love, long after reading this tale.

Book Blurb for Getting Even with Warren

Widow Macy Halstead learned of her much older husband’s voracious appetite for cheating shortly before his death. Now it’s too late to get back at him. When she meets his bi-racial illegitimate son at the funeral, a mutual attraction flares. She leaves with him and the two share a night of hot passion.

Alex Jackson set out to get back at the father who treated him like dirt. Bedding his old man’s widow fit the bill—until he forgets his reasons and realizes he really likes Macy. But after a steamy fling, she seems to have second thoughts. Can they overcome their initial agendas and explore the possibility of a relationship?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.25