Waiting For Yes

Gabrielle Warrenton is a horse owner that wants to have her own successful business of breeding and showing Egyptian Arabians. She left her father's business because she knew it was time to stake her own claim in the horse industry and show her father that she could do it all on her own. Although she has great experience in many areas of horse breeding and owning, she still has a lot to learn in the training area. Especially when it comes to buying a beautiful horse named Mamoon. She's researched for months on what she wanted to find in a horse that could win her a reputation that she could be proud of. Never did she imagine that by purchasing Mamoon she'd be getting in way too deep with him because of his previous temperament issues his former owner never disclosed to her.

Heading back to Ransom, Kansas from just buying Mamoon, she decides that she'll listen to the truckers around her on her CB. It'll keep her company while she's making the trek home. But one man in particular seems to take a real liking to her and they begin to talk on the radio together. His handle name is Ghost Ship and he gets the courage to ask her if she'd like to stop for a cup of coffee with him. Knowing that she shouldn't be fraternizing with a complete stranger, she decides to do it anyway. When she sees him for the first time, she can't believe how sexy and handsome he is. They hit it off and a cup of coffee gets extended to having a meal together. But while they're eating, a nasty snow storm hits and starts to make life a bit more interesting for the both of them. Ghost Ship, whose real name is Jake, tells Gabrielle he'll follow her the rest of her journey to make certain she and her horse arrive safely. As they start their travels, his rig starts giving him trouble and he has to pull over to the shoulder. No way is he going anywhere now. Gabrielle decides that he can come back to her house and use her landline to call for a tow truck - that is if the roads remain open. Jake takes her up on her offer and from this moment on their attraction continues to grow into something that neither of them have planned on.

As the town shuts down, Gabrielle decides to offer Jake her guesthouse until the storm blows over. She doesn't want to let go of this man just yet and the storm seems to be giving her the opportunity to get to know him better. But when he helps her unload her new horse, he can't believe his eyes. This is the same beast that his family used to own years ago. Ironically though, this horse should have been put down some time back because he's dangerously crazy. He knows that this beast is way too much for anyone to handle, but he doesn't want to exactly tell Gabrielle at this point in time just who he really is or just how much of a horse background he really has. He wants to keep his well known name to himself for as long as possible. He's started a new life for himself since his mother's premature death and he'd like to keep it that way for awhile longer.

Since they're snowed in, he decides to lend a hand to Gabrielle and tries to gauge just how bad Mamoon's temperament is now. He seems to be invested in Gabrielle more than he'd like to admit and he doesn't want to see her get hurt or even killed by this crazy horse. As the days pass though, he starts making a connection to Mamoon that has Gabrielle really upset because he's her horse and she wants to be the one bonding with him. Little does she know that there's more to Jake and Mamoon's past that seems to be coming back to haunt them right now.

Does Gabrielle find out who Jake really is? Does she enter Mamoon into the upcoming horse show as she had planned on doing? What does Gabrielle, Jake and Mamoon's fate turn out to be?

I absolutely loved this story! Ms. Ashgrove knows how to write a story that immediately pulls you in and takes you on a ride of your life. Her characters, including her horse ones, quickly grab your attention and begin to tell their story as you turn the pages. This was one story that I had a hard time putting down. I loved that Gabrielle and Jake found something special within each other, but I just wish that Jake would have been more open to her by telling her who he really was earlier on. I know why he chose not to though and I began to accept his reasoning. I feared for Gabrielle's safety while she was around Mamoon and I hoped that no one would get hurt because of his insane temperament. If you're looking for a great love story that's wrapped around a horse storyline, than you need to pick this story up! I highly recommend this book to readers. You won't be disappointed!

Book Blurb for Waiting For Yes

Gabrielle Warrenton gave up everything to pursue her dream of a first-class Egyptian Arabian breeding farm. Her future lies in her new stallion's success. Though she possesses an exceptional eye for horseflesh, she lacks the training knowledge, and Bahadur Mamoon has a date with the nation's most affluent show in three weeks. Nothing that would present a problem given his previous credentials. Only, the sellers disguised one critical fact-he's crazy.

Jake Lindsey-Sullivan was once part of an exceptional Arabian training team. Under his mother's guidance, he developed an instinctual talent, but she was the star, the cornerstone of his life. Until she met a premature death. Grief-stricken and plagued by guilt, Jake abandoned the world of horses. Now an over-the-road truck driver, he evades the memories.

When a snowstorm throws two Arabian professionals into close-quarters, they discover an engulfing passion. But will Mamoon rip open emotional scars, or forever seal them shut?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00