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The Book Lover

Lucinda Barrett needs to move forward in her life after finding out that her husband has betrayed her. In the process of trying to piece her life back together again, she decides now is as good a time as any to finish her novel called A Quiet Wanting. No matter what happens, she’s determined to see if she can achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Little does she know that she’s going to receive a long list of rejection letters over the next few months. This isn’t going to stop her though and she moves forward with the decision of self-publishing the book instead. She begins a publicity campaign all by herself and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve her dream.

Ruth Hardaway, an independent bookstore owner, is having a tough time keeping her little bookstore afloat after investing all of her blood, sweat and tears over the past thirty years. Business seems especially slow lately because of all the electronic books being sold on the various e-readers everyone owns. She doesn’t really want to close up shop, but it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet. One night when she can’t sleep, Ruth gets up and decides to read a bit to pass the time. Out of the stack of advanced reader copies she’s recently received, she chooses A Quiet Wanting sent to her directly by author Lucinda Barrett. She becomes so engrossed into this story that hours pass and she knows deep down that she wants to invite this author to do a book signing in her store. One thing leads to another and emails are exchanged between Ruth and Lucinda.

When Lucinda reads how this bookseller named Ruth was so intrigued by her book and wants to order a few copies to be carried in her bookstore, she’s over-the-moon with the news. She can’t believe that Ruth is also interested in having her do a book signing in the near future. Without further delay, Lucinda emails Ruth back and the journey begins with these two women becoming fast friends.

Does Lucinda’s dream finally come true in becoming a popular author like she’s always hoped she would be? Is Ruth able to save her little bookstore from closing its doors for good? What happens when a little white lie is told between these two women?

Ms. McFadden has penned an emotionally engaging story that immediately grips at your heartstrings and takes you on a gut-wrenching journey with her characters. Both Lucinda and Ruth come full circle on their journeys and make some tough decisions along the way that will undoubtedly change their lives forever. I loved reading about the behind the scenes antics of what publishing houses do to aspiring authors and ones that are already published. Clearly Ms. McFadden knows what her fans want to read and she doesn’t disappoint in delivering just that to them.

Book Blurb for The Book Lover

Ruth Hardaway has had one passion all her life: books. For thirty years she's devoted her life to her book store, trying to bury her painful past. But now the store is in jeopardy, and the past is catching up with her. Lucinda Barrett lost everything in a life-shattering betrayal. Desperate, she goes after one last dream - to be an author. Alone and broke, she embarks on a journey, eventually landing on Ruth's doorstep. Ruth takes Lucy under her wing, championing her book and even offering her refuge at a nearby lake cabin. In return, she wants Lucy to keep an eye on her son, Colin, who's recovering from a war injury. As the two women grow closer and begin to face the past, neither has any idea that their toughest decisions lie ahead - or that their friendship is about to fall apart because of a little white lie.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00