Romantic Encounters

This short book gave every reader a few wonderful suggestions on how to add some fun and romance to your relationship. I especially loved the “Love Hunt” idea or even the “Something Special in One’s Pocket” idea. If we all take a little bit of time to show our loved ones just how much we care about them by doing something special as this author suggests, you’ll be guaranteed some wonderful results in the end. I’d love to see even more ideas offered in a future book, Ms. Blanchet!

Book Blurb for Romantic Encounters

In our hustle and hurry world, we often take for granted the special people in ourl ives. In the end it is not how much money you made but how well you loved and wer loved that counts.

Romantic Encounters offers a few suggestions that show your special someone how much you care. Time and effort are all that it takes to take you from love to great love. You have to be willing to be in the moment and show up when it counts. So go for it and have fun creating the moments that will give you the best memories of your life!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 5.00