Making a Splash

The Wrong Bed: Again and Again Blaze #636

I absolutely loved this story and Ms. Rock's main characters, Jack and Alicia. I was so glad when Jack's brother, Keith, duped him a bit by switching out the boats they were going to use. It turned out that Jack's boat just so happened to have Alicia on board - the woman he cared for deep down, but he had left behind to go join the Navy years ago. I felt this was the perfect setting to kick things off again and I loved how the characters just jumped right into the story because they had already known each other for years. I wanted everything to work out for Jack in proving to Alicia that he had made some seriously wrong mistakes in the past, but was willing to do anything to prove to her just how much she meant to him now. My heart went out to him that it just seemed no matter how hard he tried to prove to Alicia how he felt, he constantly made mistake after mistake. Overall, this story was a breath of fresh air to read and it had a great storyline along with enjoyable characters telling their story. I highly recommend it to readers!

Book Blurb for Making a Splash

Jack Murphy's Law: When things go wrong, get it on…

Alicia LeBlanc is ready for a new life. Tonight, she'll be on a catamaran and on her way to running a B and B in Maine. But when the catamaran reaches open sea, she thinks she must be dreaming—because Jack Murphy has just slipped into her bed, and is picking up where he left off five years ago…

It was an honest mistake, really. Navy Lieutenant Jack Murphy simply got into the wrong bed. Now that they're on the open water, Jack and Alicia have endless opportunities to explore the carnal side of seafaring…and work out all that unresolved sexual tension, completely and thoroughly! But once they hit land, will their hot, steamy chemistry dry up?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50