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Jim Lowry is a Master Mechanic without a job. Struggling to find work so he can provide for his wife and daughter, he thinks he's found the job of his dreams when he sees a "Help Wanted" ad for a Master Mechanic. They drive out to the hot, humid city of Rolling Oaks so Jim can check the job out, and after talking with Dean Zyla, owner of Z-Motors, he thinks the job is a dream come true. Little does he know it is actually a nightmare!

If you're into zombie stories, check out Z-Motors by Terry Wright. It's got everything a good zombie story could want: Zombies, blood, guts. And, oh, yeah, brains! Brains ready for the eating!

Z-Motors is a gory, scary story. Never again will I step into an auto repair shop without looking twice at the mechanics and wondering if they're actually zombies in disguise!

Book Blurb for Z-motors

In this satire on zombies in the workplace, the dark side of the auto repair business is exposed, and a mechanic’s quest to overcome unemployment leads his family down a disastrous path.

The owner of Z-motors has a problem with his employees. They are brainless zombies who eat their customers. He needs a mechanic with a brain, so he places a Help Wanted ad in a Denver newspaper. Unemployed Jim Lowry is looking for a job as a Master Mechanic. The perfect position opens up in a small-town auto repair shop on the Colorado plains. He loads his family into their SUV and sets out for Z-motors. He’s about to apply for the job from hell.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 5.00