Blind Her With Bliss

Tilling Passions, #1

Julie Tilling is the strong, dependable, reliable one in the family. But when she begins to search for answers into her best friend from high schools death, which was ruled a suicide, she gets tangled up in a situation she never expected. When she goes to find out more she becomes involved with Demon Jones, a super sexy shock jock. Demon is the radio persona of Damon Corey, a classically trained pianist. Demon is the moneymaker for Damon and the two personalities couldn't be more different. Demon and Jewels, Damon and Julie hit it off very well but Julie isn't looking for love, she wants answers.

Blind Love was a quick, enjoyable read. It took me a bit to warm up to the heroine, Julie Tilling. I was frustrated by her lack of confidence and seemingly willingness to be a doormat for her family. I would have liked to know more about Julie's motivation for being the way that she was - the "family rock" - which was never fully explained to my satisfaction. But I did eventually warm up to her. And loved the way the relationship between Damon and Julie progressed throughout the story. And I must say that Mr. Tilling was one of my favorite secondary characters in this story. Given that this is a novella, the relationship progressed fast but didn't seem rushed to me. I would definitely recommend Blind Love if you're looking for a fun, flirty, fast read. And I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

Book Blurb for Blind Her With Bliss

Uptight CPA, JULIE TILLING is tired of doing the right thing. When her friend from high school dies and Julie is the only one who believes he didn’t commit suicide, she takes it upon herself to explore the circumstances surrounding his death. When the investigation takes her into a world of sexy nightclubs and a one night stand that has her heart melting, Julie finds a naughty side of herself she didn’t know existed.

DAMON COREY didn’t come to Maine to become a shock jock. But when his dream of becoming a concert pianist seems unobtainable, the radio station’s offer is too good to pass up. Unfortunately, the one night stands and empty relationships are getting old—that is until a mysterious brunette falls into his arms and wraps around his heart making him believe in love.

With their passion overheating and their sexual encounters exploding, Damon and Julie work to see beyond the masks that have protected them from the world. But will Damon’s enigmatic shock jock persona become Julie’s sexual undoing and reveal Damon as the missing piece that solves the puzzling questions surrounding her friend’s death?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.50