The Nourisher

When I started The Nourisher by Mark Alders, I didn't know what to expect. Not only is Mr. Alders a new author for me, this is also a homoerotic-Science Fiction romance, and honestly I've never been a huge Sci-fi fan. Let me just state that now that I've finished this book, I'm going to re-evaluate my reading preferences after I read it. Not only did I love the heroes in this book, I thought the fast-paced and interesting storyline was truly wonderful to read and experience. Once I started The Nourisher, I found myself unable to put the book down. I read it through all at once, and I fought the urge to immediately read it again once I had finished.

Drake Glauco has it all. He's a successful lawyer, loves his life and is just about to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his husband. But, Drake's world comes crashing down when he walks in on his husband in the arms of another man. To make matters worse, just as he leaves, he's kidnapped and sold into slavery by an angry alien race. Drake honestly believes his life is over, but when he's taken to another world called Priax and introduced to a thirteen and half foot spider looking Priaxian alien named Vernon, things take an even more surprising twist for Drake.

Vernon is a Priaxian incubator. Ever since he was born, he's known and embraced the duty his has for his race. He must carry the next generation offered to him by the Queen. To keep the eggs alive, he must have a human male "Nourisher" whose sperm will nourish and keep the eggs alive. Although Vernon is honored and excited about doing his duty, he's shocked by the tender feelings he has for his Nourisher, Drake. But, will two beings from very difference species find a way to get along and fall in love?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I thought the hair-raising adventures that Drake and Vernon go through were very well developed and addictive to read about. I thought the world that Mr. Alders created a uniquely interesting and well-written one. Even though this book is told through Drake's perspective, I could easily envision the different colonies and aliens that were created in this book. Just as Drake experienced it, I found myself definitely coming along for the ride with him and believe me.what a ride it was!

I never thought that I would for one second think that a huge spider looking hero would be someone that I would consider interestingly sexy. Personally, I'm scared of spiders, but after getting to know Vernon and seeing him through Drake's eyes, made me understand why Drake falls head over heels for him. I loved how they bonded, both emotionally AND sexually, and I thought the love they shared between them was beautiful to read.

The Nourisher is the first book in the Borders of the Worlds Saga. I know that I'm looking forward to reading more of Vernon and Drake's colorful adventures in the second book, The Soldier. The Nourisher has earned a favored spot on my keeper shelf and I'm definitely going to be looking for more written by the author, Mark Alders, in the future.

Book Blurb for The Nourisher

Warning: This book contains male homoerotica.

Drake Glauco, a successful lawyer, happily married to Jankin--the man of his dreams--has a perfect life…until he comes home one day to find his husband in the arms of another man. In the resulting argument, Drake storms out of his house only to be drugged and kidnapped by alien people smugglers! His perfect life is shattered as he uncovers the real reason for his kidnapping. He is to become an egg nourisher for a Priaxian incubator named Vernon!


Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00