In Dreams He Came

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In Dreams He Came

In Dreams He Came is the first book I've read by Trina Lane and I definitely won't be the last! I loved the sweet and romantic tone of this book and Ms. Lane's easy style of writing and fast-paced storytelling skills made In Dreams He Came a very enjoyable read for me.

Gabriel Mason is a romantic at heart. As a senior in college, he's a major competitor on the swim team and has a deep fascination for history. Because of this, he often fantasizes about having a knight in shining armor come sweep him off his feet. Since he's determined to find his own true love, he's decided to keep his virginity until he meets his own knight. When he meets Nick Jackson, a slightly older and former college teammate, who is also a very successful Olympic swimmer, Gabe is immediately falls head over heels for him. To Gabe's utter surprise and delight, Nick seems to be just as attracted to him. But, as the men grow closer together and love starts to bloom, they must make time for each other because of their busy schedules. Will their love continue to persevere even though they must find time to be together?

I loved In Dreams He Came. I adored Gabe! I thought Gabe's determination to be successful, and the whimsical and romantic side of his personality made him a very sexy and uniquely written hero. On the other hand, Nick's patience, loving personality and surprising romantic side of him, makes him a perfect man for Gabe. I loved how gradual their relationship grew as the story progressed and the love and adoration they felt for one another was a beautiful thing to experience.

There isn't a lot of angst in this book. Although Gabe and Nick have to deal with coming out and living as a partnered gay couple, basically this story is sexy and romantic. The sweet undertone to the book brought a big smile to my face throughout the book, and I truly hated to see it come to an end. I also loved the camaraderie between Gabe, Nick and Gabe's best friend, Phil. They truly were able to lean on each other for emotional support and gained a friendship that was lovely to read.

If you are in the mood for a sexy and romantic escape for a few hours, In Dreams He Came will definitely fit the bill for you. This book was perfectly timed for me, because I read it just when I needed a light and romantic read. I'm anxious to read more by Trina Lane and I'll definitely be looking out for more books by her in the future.

Book Blurb for In Dreams He Came

With a very active imagination and passion for all things history, University of California senior and veteran on the swim team Gabriel Mason often finds himself traveling to distant lands and times. There's always one constant in Gabe's dreams: a nameless man whose love completes Gabe's soul. Gabe is waiting for someone special in his "real" life as well, and his best friend Phil is determined to find Gabe his elusive knight in shining armor. Nick Jackson, a university alum and Olympic swimming champion, immediately recognizes the quiet young man from the swim team and convinces Gabe to give them a chance at building something special. Considering the palpable attraction between them, Nick surprises himself by quickly agreeing to take their budding relationship slow. Unfortunately, real life is not a fantasy, and Nick's demanding schedule as a professional athlete and Gabe's obligations to the swim team and his degree make finding time to spend together difficult. Have the two men found everlasting love, or will it all prove to be just another dream?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50