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Blind Items

I've never read anything written by Kate McMurray, so I was pretty excited to read and review her latest release, Blind Items. I'm always looking out for authors that are new for me and I'm pleased to say that I not only really enjoyed the book; I liked Ms. McMurray's easy writing style.

Drew Walsh was thirteen when he met his best friend Rey. Since then they formed a friendship that would just grow stronger as time passed. Now years later, Drew is a successful reporter and Rey is a budding movie star. When Drew's boss asks him to do an interview and to investigate the Jonathan Granger, son of right-winged anti-gay candidate that is running for president, Drew's first instinct is to say no. Not only is it rumored that Jonathan might be gay, he's also Drew's best friend's cousin. But, since the reporter in him won't be denied, he accepts the story and gets his Rey to set up a way for them to meet.

What Drew doesn't expect is how the shy, intelligent and sweet Jonathan makes him feel. The minute Drew lays eyes on him he knows that this complicated man will change his life forever. As Drew and Jonathan continue to get to know each other the attraction begins to grow between them and soon neither man can deny the budding feelings they have for each other. But, since Jonathan is so deep in the closet will the very out and proud, Drew be able to find some way for them to be together?

Blind Items is told in first person by Andrew (Drew) Walsh's point of view. Usually, I'm not a fan of this type of narration when it comes to romance because as a general rule I like to know what both heroes are thinking. But, I shamelessly admit that I adored Drew and seeing the world through his eyes was not only fun and enjoyable, I really loved getting to know him and really being able to see what made him tick as a person.

Jonathan is another reason I really liked this book. I understood his fear and why he was so easy manipulated and controlled by his overbearing father. I loved watching him grow into a more confident man and blossom from the love he felt with Drew. I thought he and Drew was really a well matched couple and it was easy for me to rally behind them to work things out and to find their happy ending together.

Even though Blind Items is definitely a love story between Drew and Jonathan, Drew's best friend, Rey is also a strong character in the book. I liked the friendship he and Drew had formed together and I liked the way they looked out for each other throughout the story. Even though Rey professes to be straight, I wondered if he wasn't more than a little bi-curious at times, but was maybe afraid to act on these feelings because of his movie star status. Hmmm.

Anyway, I loved the book and I wanted to cheer at the ending. It would be great if Ms. McMurray wrote a sequel because I really enjoyed all of these characters and I hated to see the story come to an end. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author in the future and Blind Items will be a story that I'll gladly read again in the future.

Book Blurb for Blind Items

Columnist Drew Walsh made his career by publicly criticizing conservative, anti-gay politician Richard Granger. So when a rumor surfaces that Granger's son Jonathan might be gay, Drew finds himself in the middle of a potential scandal. Under the guise of an interview about Jonathan's new job teaching in an inner-city school, Drew's job is to find out if the rumors are true. Drew's best friend Rey is also Jonathan's cousin, and he arranges the meeting between Jonathan and Drew that changes everything.

After just one interview, it's obvious to Drew that the rumors are true, but he carefully neglects to mention that in his article. It's also obvious that he's falling for Jonathan, and he can't stay away after the article is published. Still, Jonathan is too afraid to step out of the closet, and Drew thinks the smartest thing might be to let him go-until Jonathan shows up drunk one night at his apartment. The slow burn of their attraction doesn't fade with Jonathan's buzz, but navigating a relationship is never easy-especially in the shadow of right-wing politics.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50