The Farewell Season

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The Farewell Season

Only a few months ago, Eric's father was killed by a drunk driver, and Eric feels the loss of his father keenly know that football season has started again. At each practice, he looks for and misses his father who once helped him train. To make matters worse, his coach is replaced by a new, more aggressive coach, and their best player is sidelined. At home Eric dodges his mother's attempts to talk and teases his sister, who is also dealing with her own issues. Determined to stick it out through his final season and keep his contact to females to a minimum, Eric is surprised to discover that the one person he can talk to is Glynnie, another student, who wants to interview him for the school newspaper.

This book deals delicately with grief and loss. Eric is trying to deal with the loss of his father and though he is sometimes immature, the author does a good job of developing Eric's character so that he has more depth and compassion, and shows more courage, at the end the of the novel. Football training plays a role, but game play is minimal, so this book can't be classified as a "sports book" but more a coming of age novel.

Book Blurb for The Farewell Season

A story of how love heals and love endures.

Eric and Glynnie go from butting heads to grudging friendship to something more ....

Eric used to think he'd live forever, but not anymore. As football season starts, he hopes he can live normally again after the death of his father. But his refusal to face his grief results in anger at his coach, fights with his sister, resenting added responsibilities, and disillusionment with football. It takes a special relationship with Glynnie, who is struggling with the divorce of her parents, to open his heart to love again.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00