Fallen Star Trouble

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Fallen Star Trouble

In her bio, Autumn Piper says that she likes to create characters that are real and will stick with the reader. I have to say that she has done just that in her book, Fallen Star Trouble

Cara is a young girl faced with a lot of responsibilities and wants a fling before she has to become a role model for her younger brother and sisters. Brady is a young rock star, on a road to ruin, looking for a reason to be. When they get together, she gets her good time and he gets a reason to be. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at the time and they are separated for a long time.

When they finally meet up again, nine years later, she's engaged to someone else and he's doing speeches to high school students about the dangers of drugs. Now that he's finally found her, he hangs around to see what can develop.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book with all its twists and turns. It's a great story about relationships, trust and love. I would definitely recommend this book to my family and friends. In fact, I recommend it to anyone who loves to read. It's a great book and I really enjoyed it. I hope you will as well.

Book Blurb for Fallen Star Trouble

Even a supernova can shine again.

A chance meeting between chart-topping pop star Brady and rebellious Cara--out to sow her wild oats--leads to one unforgettable night in Las Vegas. The next day, Cara runs home to family responsibility, unaware of Brady’s search for her and his slip into a steep downward spiral. Life leaves them no choice but to pick up the pieces and move on…until they meet again, nine years later.

Cara’s engaged, ready to settle into a quiet and normal life. Having Brady re-enter the scene doesn’t figure into her big picture. But Brady’s finally found what he needs to re-ignite his music career, and he’s not about to leave it behind. He’ll have to show Cara, with her help, even a supernova can shine again.

Content warning; snoopy small-towners, pestilent paparazzi, meddling relatives, second chances, and one hot rockstar.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00