Way Out Of Control

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Way Out Of Control

Injured in the line of duty officer Jaxon Wentworth is riding a desk these days. And he's sick of it. When he gets the chance to get his mobility back by participating in some drug trials he's onboard without a second thought. And he should have had that second thought.

Dr. Celise Belderon is part of a team working to develop a formula to enhance humans at the cellular level. Ready now for human trials she finds herself drawn to their volunteer Jaxon Wentworth. He's attractive but off limits. She can handle her attraction and he's a little shy anyway. But all that changes when Jaxon takes the formula. It provides all they'd hoped. And a little more. Now Jaxon is bigger, more volatile, and wants to be changed back pronto. But what if they can't do that?

If Celise thought her attraction was a problem before she's at a loss now. The changes have horrified Jaxon but just made him that much more attractive to Celise. She's the only one who seems capable of calming him down. Too bad he revs her up.

Ever meet a guy and while he's nice and all he's just missing that "something." You can take him or leave him. Well, Jaxon is that average guy but with the changes the formula has wrought he's now everything that Celise is attracted to. He has always desired her but now with the changes made to his body he can't seem to control them. But control them he does. Until the good doctor tells him not to.

The build up to Jaxon and Celise getting intimate was a drawn out dance of erotic interludes. They get close many times but Jaxon pulls back. When the restraints are lifted it's hot and heavy and oh so yummy. Add in the smarmy doctor with an ego that won't quit that desires Celise too and you've got a recipe for disaster. This was a good read with a fast moving plot that kept me interested to the end.

Book Blurb for Way Out Of Control

Sometimes the only way to maintain control is to let it go …

Doctor Celise Belderon and a team of scientists are developing a formula to biologically enhance ordinary humans. Her task is to tend to their volunteer test-subject; wounded police officer Jaxon Wentworth.

The formula doesn’t quite work as expected. Jaxon gains exceptional strength and senses, but by the time the transformation completes he doesn’t recognize his own reflection. Worse still, he develops a volatile temperament he can barely contain.

While searching for a cure, Celise tries some natural remedies to help Jaxon keep his emotions in check. But each attempt is itself a dangerous experiment since she must get close enough to put herself at risk should he lose all control … 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.25