The Surrender of Lacy Morgan

Lacy has been raised among whores and thieves. Is it any wonder she’s painted with the same brush? But somehow she’s managed to retain the ability to recognize right from wrong. As a result she finds herself on the run from her stepfather and his gang after hiding their booty from a bank robbery that turned deadly for a US Marshal. When the two strangers ride into town she knows it’s time to run again, but she doesn’t get the chance.

Quinn and Dakota zero right in on Lacy. Determined to bring all involved to justice for the death of their adoptive US Marshal father they show now mercy as they corner and capture Lacy. She’s the key to finding the gang leader and to still the guilt they feel over not being there when their father needed them. Sexy and submissive, a journey with Lacy promises to be filled with pleasure as they use sex as a weapon to get what they want.

Well, I never. For being set in the old west, these two cowboys are certainly forward thinking when it comes to persuasion. Poor Lacy never stood a chance. What is unexpected is Quinn developing feelings for his captive and how he struggles to deny them to himself and Dakota, who figures out Quinn is a goner even if he can’t recognize it. Lacy is torn with guilt and determination. Unable to trust based on her experiences, she hides vital information until it’s almost too late. While not your conventional love story it certainly was erotic and steamy as well as entertaining. There was one point where I was horribly disappointed with Quinn, but recognize his reaction was needed to move the story along.  Still I wished the author could have found another way.  It tarnished my image of him. 

With teasers involving Dakota and the three other adopted sons of Cap, I see a series. And I can’t wait.

Book Blurb for The Surrender of Lacy Morgan

When two steely-eyed, lean-hipped strangers ride into town, Lacy Morgan knows her past has caught up with her. What she doesn’t know is that the U.S. marshals will do whatever’s necessary to capture her stepfather and his gang of murdering thieves, including bringing Lacy to her knees to serve their sexual needs.

Quinn and his blood brother Dakota are searching for the key to finding the band of outlaws who murdered their adoptive father. When they confront the sultry stepdaughter of the gang’s leader, they discover she’s unaware of her natural submissive tendencies.

As they journey to the gang’s lair, each day the men draw Lacy further and further into a sensuality she’s never known and a trust she’d sworn never to surrender to again. Using her lusty body for their combined pleasure, they find themselves ensnared in the same tender trap.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50