Stormy Wedding

Burned multiple times in the relationship department, Rachel is no longer going to be a victim. What she has determined to be the cause of all of her troubles is sex. As in giving it up to the men in her life and them leaving her not long after. When she first meets Rory she is up front with her intent to be celibate until she gets married and he doesn’t seem put off by it. The true test is if he can make it to the finish line. Their wedding.

Rachel is worth any price to Rory. She’s the one and he’ll do anything to make her his. Even wait. But first he has to break through the shell she’s created as a result of all of her bad relationships. Once he reaches her soft center, will she truly be all he’s ever dreamed of? Or more?

The inner dialogue that is shared throughout this book is hilarious. We all think these things, and being privy to Rory and Rachel’s humorous thoughts added a playful dimension to the book. Now that the wedding day has arrived, both Rachel and Rory are struggling with family dynamics, deep-seated insecurities and normal doubts. As they wade through all the drama towards one another, they also discover the passion that was forced down between them is in the process of igniting now that restraint is no longer needed. As Rachel and Rory explore their sexuality together they are relieved and sometimes surprised. As the reader, we are entertained and titillated. A good sexy read that will make you laugh out loud.

Book Blurb for Stormy Wedding

Rachel McAllister tried to dissuade Rory Callahan’s interest, she’d been hurt by love too many times before, but Rory had been as relentless as a dog after a bone. She gave in, but made one thing perfectly clear from the start—no sex until she said, “I do.” If Rachel knew one thing about men, it was that you gave them what they wanted—sex—and they’d be out the door before the sun came up. Rory has passed all her tests and jumped through her hoops to prove his love. They’re ready to say, “I do”, and Rachel’s ready to erase any of Rory’s lingering regrets about waiting to have sex.

Rory fell head over heels for Rachel at first sight. Getting her to date him was another matter altogether. He’d followed all her rules and has barely complained about her strict moral code. Now he’s going to marry her for better or worse. He’s about to find out his goody-two-shoes bride-to-be is a fiery vixen who’s too hot to handle. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.25