Reckless Territory

It’s the Wild West, and no woman is safe. Except Lady Victoria. Awakening with a huge man looming over her isn’t the best way to be introduced but for some reason her trio of rescuers, once the initial shock passes, reassures Victoria. Her remaining relatives savaged by a raiding band of Indians and all her worldly possessions destroyed Victoria is at these men’s whims. But even though society has branded them outlaws they are nothing of the kind to Victoria. They are her white knights, her prince charmings. And she suddenly finds herself on the brink of an adventure instead of a journey of hopelessness.

Jace, Cole and Robert have bonded as brothers and have bought a ranch in the middle of nowhere. With two out of three being wanted for murder their reputations shouldn’t inspire feelings of safety in an orphaned aristocrat, but the men they are beneath the reputations shines through. All three fall irrevocably in love with the fascinating Lady Victoria. Since the feelings are reciprocated, how will she ever choose just one? And who says, in this new frontier, that she has to choose at all?

Not at all what I expected and definitely a pleasant surprise. Victoria is a woman coming into her own once she is no longer under the dictates of society and the men who wield women as commodities. Valued for herself, she finds her inner strength and convictions and decides to take the road less traveled.

Jace, Cole and Robert couldn’t be more different yet their commitment to one another and to Victoria makes them something special. Rather than vultures feeding on Victoria’s despair they treat her as a gift from above and win her over with their regard. The sex scenes were somewhat tame in that it was always monogamous, no group sex. Victoria and her men kept their personal relationships separate with the only common denominator being love. Each man had his own style of lovemaking and Victoria relished those differences. As she learned to be a true frontier woman, and how to cook, the reader got to enjoy the fantasy of three gorgeous men catering to her every need. Truly fiction, but an entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Reckless Territory

When desire collides with danger, rope up and hang on for the ride.

Lady Victoria Mead cannot believe fate has been so cruel to her yet again. First, her father squandered the family fortune and died in the process. Now, her quest to secure a future in America has been foiled by an attack on her wagon train, leaving her alone and half-naked in the wilderness.

Her only hope lies in three outlaws who seem to have absolutely no idea what to do with the proper daughter of an English earl.

Ranching partners Cole, Jace and Robert can handle any threat with cool, swift precision. But when it comes to the gloriously lovely Lady Victoria, who seems to have no discernible survival skills, they're in the dark.

Underneath Victoria's fragile exterior lies an inner resilience they all come to admire-and a deep well of sensuality that tempts them to offer her a permanent place in their home, their beds.and their hearts.

Warning: Strong sexual content, multiple partners, Western bad boys, Western bad language and some mild violence

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00