Out of Shadows

Companion to "Shadows Stir" from Dreams of the Oasis IV anthology and Beyond Shadows

Intrigued and drawn to fairy tales all her life, army brat Dovina is in Sleepy Hollow to study the legend of the headless horseman. Everyone knows the tale, but imagine her surprise when the horseman chases her, and a fierce warrior appears to defend her. While leery, she can’t help her feelings of sexual desire and an indefinable emotional connection. Who is he?

Hadeon has been sent by the Shadow Lord to protect a woman of the light. She is powerful in her own right, but unaware and untutored. As she is running from what she believes to be the headless horseman, Hadeon senses her pursuer is more and his desire dark. She ignites a possessive fire in him, and he finds himself wishing to keep her even though a relationship between them is doomed. How can a warrior of the shadows be with a woman of the light? How can he not?

Awesome read. Third in the series, they just keep getting better. Very emotional as well as erotic, both Hadeon and Dovina are helpless to resist their attraction to one another. And it gets really steamy really quick. Both convinced they can never be together, the opposite is actually the reality. An imaginative story line keeps the story moving, while leaving the reader hungering for more about the Shadow Realm and it’s dark warriors. A touching love story that’s not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Out of Shadows

Dovina Horne has arrived in Sleepy Hollow to study the legend of the horseman. She believes it’s only a myth until she’s threatened by a horse and rider while walking on a deserted trail in the woods. Only the sudden appearance of a warrior saves her from the horseman’s sword. She feels an instant connection, both sexual and emotional, to this protective stranger.

An immortal warrior of the Shadow Realm, Hadeon’s mission is to protect Dovina at all costs. He knows the horseman is not what he seems, but something more powerful and sinister in disguise. The longer Hadeon spends with Dovina, the more he wants her. He finds his way into her bed and her heart, but their relationship is doomed. He is an immortal from the shadows and she is a human filled with light. But when the final battle comes, they must use all that is between them if they hope to survive.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50