Cruising a deserted mountain road in her birthday gift to herself, Nikaya is pulled over by a cop. Or is he? Not a real uniform, not a real cruiser, it becomes obvious he’s not as he takes liberties no real officer would. After he spanks her, things continue on to a flamingly erotic conclusion, all on the hood of her new Mustang. Afterwards, her conqueror whisks her away to a mountain cabin where her greatest fantasy will be granted as a birthday present like no other. Two men to see to her every need.

Starting out with a bang, this quick read was all about fantasies realized and pleasure given to the birthday girl. Her mysterious man isn’t so mysterious, and the motivation for his actions is pure. Very steamy and naughty, this was a fun read that will make the reader wish for a man like Braden. And Hank wouldn’t be anything to sneeze at either. With a touch of spanking and sex toys thrown in for spice (like any was needed) this was a short story that is sure to entertain and entice.

Book Blurb for Ignited

Got Fantasies? Nikaya does. She longs to be loved two men.
Nikaya is celebrating her birthday with a new Mustang. As she’s climbing the mountain in her shiny new car, a police officer comes out of nowhere. He pulls her over and treats her to a birthday spanking. With a sore butt and a burning need to orgasm, she’s whisked away to a cabin.
Braden and his best friend Hank have a few surprises up their sleeve for the birthday girl. They include whips, floggers, chains, blindfolds and more. They hope to make all her fantasies reality.
Three hot bodies, sex toys and a spanking machine are only the beginning for Nikaya.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.50