Fabric of Fate

Tapestries, Book Six

Audrey Brennan has a wake up call, also known as a panic attack. Her job is literally killing her and her doctor orders her to make some changes or her future is looking decidedly shorter. With an assistant waiting in the wings to swoop up her job, she’s stressing out even more. Going through memories in her closet she finds a tapestry she doesn’t remember purchasing. Why would it be there if she didn’t buy it? Curling up with it to rest she wakes in a storm, looking up at two large figures. This must be a nightmare.

Abrah and Heroc Dannon live a good but lonely life. The last surviving members of their family, the future looks bleak without a woman to fill the house with children and love. On their planet Javara females are no longer being born as often as males, creating a species threatening shortage. While rarely a magical tapestry delivers a bride to a lucky few, that’s happened four times in the last decade. Not likely to happen again in their lifetimes, let alone to them. So who is the woman their dog finds in the storm?

I’ve read the entire series of books and would recommend you do the same. You don’t have to in order to enjoy the story but they are good reads and you’d be missing out if you didn’t.

Abrah and Heroc are more synergistic than other brothers in previous books. They truly work together and there will be no hard feelings or difficulty sharing with these two once they get over the initial testosterone poisoning. Abrah is the eldest and most stressed, Heroc is the jokester and lighter of the two. Both men are a perfect foil for Audrey. She connects with both on different levels and together the trio makes sense. I had some difficulty understanding Audrey’s resistance since her physical condition kind of made that easy, but that was cleared up later in the tale.

A fanciful fictional tale full of faith, love and eroticism mixed with a touch of magic.

Book Blurb for Fabric of Fate

Audrey Brennan is married to her job as an ad executive. Her work environment is fast-paced, competitive and cutthroat. When a panic attack brought on by stress and overwork lands her in the hospital, she’s forced to examine her life choices. Before she can make any decisions, a beautiful tapestry filled with magic whisks her away to a strange world, where men compete sexually to win a woman.

In Javara, women are in short supply and brothers must share. Abrah Dannon has given up hope that either he or his brother Heroc will ever have a wife. But a wild storm brings an unexpected gift to his doorstep—a woman.

For the next three days, both brothers will use all the sensual skill at their disposal to seduce and pleasure Audrey so she will want to stay in Javara with them. But there’s more at stake than simply hot sex. Their hearts are hers for the taking if she’s willing to risk the chance.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00