Captain's Price

Julianna is running from her parents and the marriage they want to arrange. Impersonating a cabin boy she is working her way to the colonies to be with her true love. He left to make his fortune, assuring her he would send for her. But she can’t afford to wait any longer. She’s a few weeks from her goal when pirates attack their ship and she is revealed as a woman. What will be the captain’s price for her deception?

Drew is stunned to find he has a beguiling virgin onboard. Transporting ladies of ill repute to the colonies is bad enough, but having a girl of gentle breeding adds a new wrinkle altogether. Add in his immediate desire and jealousy of the man that she is risking all to be with, he devises a punishment that will torture them both. He must keep up appearance for his crew or there will be mutiny. But he promises her, and himself, that he will leave her maidenhead for her intended. What has he done?

Guilty Pleasure Alert! This was an awesome read that had me glued to my reader. Full of dark desires, guilt, discovery, jealousy and finally love. Drew tried to be a gentleman, he really did. I’m thrilled he didn’t succeed. Julianna was right in her indignation as she worked, and hard, for the entire voyage. Manipulating her, under the guise of appeasing his crew, was a little wicked of Drew. I find it hard to believe they would have fallen on her like ravening beasts, but it provided the necessary conflict. This is a story I will read again and again, it was that good.

Book Blurb for Captain's Price

Captain’s Private Journal, May 30, 1790

My heart pounds hard in my chest as I think of her—the lass awaiting me, naked in my cabin as I commanded. She was discovered masquerading as one of my seamen, yet I am still appalled at myself for demanding such a lewd price for her passage. But when I looked into her eyes—wide, but somehow beckoning—I was filled with a need deeper than any I’d ever known.

For her. For Julianna.

Can I truly touch her and taste her and satisfy my lust on her without taking the maidenhead meant for another? I am a man of impeccable self-control—an asset that has redeemed my family and ensured I’ll not become my wayward father. Then what has taken hold of me? Each moment, the urge to go to her and steal away all that rightfully belongs to another man grows more irresistible. I must touch her. I must hold her. I must drive myself into her…

I must not.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50