Wounded to the quick by her "boyfriend’s" betrayal Kendra has decided to prove to herself she’s not the cold fish he is telling everyone she is. She’s restrained when it comes to sex but that has more to do with the man she’s with not being able to fire her up. She’s focused on her job to the detriment of other aspects of her life. But now her eyes are open to possibilities. Like the hot maintenance man with the nice butt on the ladder…

Jorge has noticed Kendra many times but she just looks through him. He finds her lovely and hot, but she doesn’t even know he exists. Until they are trapped in the elevator together.

Fun read! Poor Kendra gets it all due to a thunderstorm that traps her with hot Jorge. She starts out the cold fish she’s accused of being but quickly she and Jorge start to talk and she finds she likes him. Why did she never notice him before? They proceed to have a naughty encounter that moves to a more comfortable location once the power comes back on. What started as a liaison shows the promise of so much more, and we get to read about Kendra’s ultimate revenge on the unfaithful jerk who started it all. A good solid read.

Book Blurb for Blackout

Kendra learns that her boyfriend thinks she’s a cold fish. To make matters worse, he’s made plans to go away with one of her coworkers for a long weekend. When a blackout strands her in an elevator with sexy Latin maintenance man Jorge, she sets out to prove she’s more hot dish than cold fish.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.00