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Back to You Collection

BACK TO YOU is actually the first novel in Natalie-Nicole Bates’ Unity based stories (Change of Address was released first for some reason). BACK TO YOU is a remarkable little gem that will resonate strongly with second wives or for those girls getting back into the dating game after the demise of a long term relationship. Personally, I loved it. Ms. Bates has a way of weaving a story that will simply punch with emotion. I especially loved the delightful secondary character Caleb Smith. I’m certainly hoping there will be a third Unity story, but until then, I highly recommend BACK TO YOU.

Lynsey Reznor is successful in every aspect of her life but one: Her love life.

After yet another failed relationship, this time with a rock star who failed to mention he was still married, Lynsey makes an impulsive decision to return to her home town of Unity to be near her old friends. But moving home brings about one very large complication: Her best friend’s brother Nick Lincoln, who Lynsey has loved since she was a teenager.

Although Nick once cared very much for Lynsey, he decided to marry another, hurting Lynsey deeply. Now a widower, Nick realizes that there is still a chance to reclaim Lynsey’s love, but at the price of coming clean from the past, something he’s not so sure he wants to do.

Re-Issued Review. Original review date 10/3/12. The book now has bonus material and a new publisher.

Book Blurb for Back to You Collection

On the surface, Lynsey Reznor seems to have it all. She is

beautiful, brilliant, and a successful true-crime writer who has

been living the past decade in Miami. But what Lynsey lacks is

what she needs the most—a family.

After the death of her mother, and yet another failed

relationship, Lynsey makes an impulsive decision to return

to her hometown of Unity. But Unity will present its own

bittersweet memories, most notably, her first love, Nick


Twenty years ago, Nick broke teenager Lynsey’s heart when he

decided to marry another. He had his own private reasons—reasons

he never explained to Lynsey. Now she is back, along with a

chance to reclaim her love. But Lynsey wants answers from him

that he may never be able to give out of duty and guilt.

Additional Bonus Stories: Remember the Stars and Antique Charming

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00