Give Yourself to Me

Off Like a Prom Dress

Being saddled with the truly awful name of Cumberland Hilliard should bring its own share of problems. In addition he's a natural born vampire. His job is to rout out rogue vampires and stop them from committing crimes that might alert humans to the existence of vampires. There is a group of rogue vampires who are draining humans and carelessly leaving the bodies around for human law enforcement to find. When Dr. Hollis Delacroix is called out late at night to examine a body, she is astonished to find her high school boyfriend, Cumberland on the scene being questioned by police as a potential suspect in a murder enquiry. Neither one of them has laid eyes on each other for the past fourteen years. Hilliard always knew that she was his mate and was waiting for their high school prom night to reveal the truth about who he is, but Hollis and her family disappeared and he was never able to trace them. Now no matter what, Hilliard has no intention of letting his mate slip through his fingers again. But he has to consider not only how she will react to the fact that he's a vampire, but he has to explain that he's the serial killer she and the police are trying to identify.

Though as the chief medical examiner, she could be compromising her job while `fraternizing' with a suspect, Hollis finds she cannot pretend that she isn't interested in her first love. Nor can she deny the fact that this is the man she wants to be with. She just has to reveal her secret and then finally listen to his.

Will Hollis take off running when he tells all?

I would have liked this book to have been longer. Hollis is a great character who works in a high pressure profession and has to put up with a lot of sexism. Her colleagues seem to be more impressed with her looks than how well she does her job. Hollis certainly knows how to put anyone in their place, who try to treat her as if she doesn't have a brain to go with the face and body. I would have felt that anyone who was in the medical profession would have been fascinated to find that they actually knew a vampire, from a scientific point of view. If Hollis was able to work with the vampires in some capacity it would have been interesting to see how that played out. Also I would like to know more about Ms. Riley's vampires as Hill seem to age like a normal human. Ms. Riley doesn't give us any explanation for his ageing or tell us if his vampirism makes him only stronger, and faster with a bit of a blood lust, and no immortality. Ms. Reilly suceeded in grabbing my interest and making me want to know more.

Book Blurb for Give Yourself to Me

Genre: Multicultural Vampire
Series: Off Like a Prom Dress; Previous Book: Let's Do It Again by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Series Note: Although part of the Off Like a Prom Dress series. this title can be read on its own.

If Dr. Hollis Delacroix had known she’d be falling in love with a future vampire-murderer when she was nineteen, she...probably...still would’ve fallen in love. Hilliard had been irresistible then, and he was twice that now. She’d stood him up on prom night and fourteen years later, he’s finally found her, and boy has she got some explaining to do. But so does he. He never told her that he was a vampire. But worse than that is the fact that he’s in town killing vampires and the bodies are winding up in her morgue.

Cumberland Hilliard cannot believe that the girl he’d known as Rose when they were nineteen and in love is now the big shot New Orleans medical examiner named Hollis Delacroix. Oh he’s glad to see her after years of wondering where in the hell she was, but he's not glad she's looking at him for the murders of four people. Okay, he had killed two of them, but he’d had good reason: they were rogue vampires, for God’s sake.

But he can deal with that. It's not the first time he's had to evade pursuit, but he doesn't want to evade her. He wants her with him. Under him. As often as possible.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.25