Submit With Me

Submit With Me starts with a bang. Rena's is horny and she's not afraid to look for someone, even a stranger, to take care of her needs. When a hunk of a man propositions her for a $100, she agrees but only for $500 for he wants her to do something she's never done before, be a sub to his dom.

Then the tone of the story does a 180. Suddenly the aggressive, outspoken lady with just one touch becomes uncertain and shy, saying out loud she is concerned she won't be a good submissive. Hunh? The jump in attitude was quite jarring and it happens on and off throughout the stories, small inconsistencies which made me frown.

There is no real story line after the first few pages, just one extended sexual encounter. A very explicit, detailed encounter with lots of kink, not all of it quite believable but titillating for those looking for a quick erotic read.

The saving grace for this piece comes in the last few pages, where a lot of the plot and character inconsistencies suddenly make sense. And knowing the ending, I reread the piece with greater understanding for the quirks along the way. But don't expect me to tell you why. You'll have to buy it and read it for yourself.

Book Blurb for Submit With Me

Rena is on a quest to get laid and she’s willing to go to any length to fulfill her need.

Marc has a thirst for a submissive. He longs to find someone he can bring to the edge of ecstasy and rein back in before an orgasm. He wants to tie, tease and torture his submissive, pushing the limits of sexual awareness.

When he offers Rena five hundred dollars to be his sub for the night, he gets more than he bargained for. This spitfire is about to show him a thing or two about submitting.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.75