Shotgun Sorceress

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Shotgun Sorceress

Spellbent Series #2

“The death-memories were overwhelming me. So much remembered lust for and fear of the beautiful woman, the tearing dark souls sundered from still living bodies, the raw agony of claws and teeth shearing skin and nerve and muscle, my own panic and horror at knowing my body had been used to commit mass murder. That the men I’d slain were soulless didn’t matter, because it hadn’t mattered to the entity that had possessed me,” explains Jessie Shimmer, the central character of this novel.

She continues, “The expression of monstrous blood lust I’d seen on my own face through the dead men’s eyes made me want to slit my own throat for fear of that happening again. Better to be dead than to be used for such evil.”

Yup, Jessie has a serious problem here in this sequel to “Spellbent”, the novel in which she was introduced. After matching wits with an untouchable spirit lord and saving her lover, Cooper Marron, from the forces of evil Jessie discovers she has some dark powers which might be better passed on to someone else.

Although the sultry young woman with these new horrific powers considers suicide she doesn’t kill herself. No, she decides to challenge her adversary head-on. The result is a novel laden with gratuitous violence, memorable encounters with bizarre creatures such as the “meat puppets” and hot love passages.

In this extended account of Jessie’s adventures she will also delve into the mystery of her birth as she copes with her unwanted persona and the powers that are pitted against her. From start to finish this is a wild ride that you’ll find impossible to set aside so, once you begin reading, don’t make any plans for the weekend!

Also, as you’ll discover when you reach the novel’s final page, we haven’t seen the last of what one reviewer called this “blunt, kick-ass heroine” .

And that, my friends, is not a bad thing!

Book Blurb for Shotgun Sorceress


For Jessie Shimmer, everything changed when she went to hell and back to save her lover, Cooper Marron. After tangling with supernatural forces and killing an untouchable spirit lord, Jessie finds herself gifted—or perhaps cursed—with dark powers. And when she and Cooper make love, her pleasure throes light the whole house on fire. What is a sorceress to do?

Jessie is about to find out. The circumstances of her birth, the mystery of a father she never knew, and the help of a cuddly ferret turned fearsome monster have made Jessie not just an outlaw from mundane society, but an accidental revolutionary in the magic realm. Encountering portals stitched into thin air and a fiercely sexy soul harvester, Jessie rushes headlong among enemies, horrors, wonders, and lovers into a place of self-discovery—or destruction.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00