Fly Me to Paradise

Madeline and Charles Holt have been married for seven years. When Charles decides he doesn't want children, Madeline convinces him to set some sperm aside before he has a vasectomy, just in case he changes his mind.

Charles dies in a car accident and after some soul-searching; Madeline decides to be inseminated with Charles's sperm.

She is very happy when she gets pregnant. A happiness that turns to anger and frustration when she is told the sperm used was not her late husband's but that of Kurt Williams.

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, Kurt had put some sperm away in case his treatments left him sterile. He certainly did not plan on becoming a father any time soon.

Sparks fly when the two meet with their lawyers. Madeline has her life planned out, how she will be a single parent and Kurt isn't a part of that plan.

Kurt has other ideas; this lady is carrying his child.

Kurt and Madeline couldn't be more different. Madeline plans for everything and Kurt is a risk taker, even more since his bout with Hodgkin's. He is coming up on his five-year anniversary of being cancer-free, but he still can't resist tempting fate with danger, always feeling if he can walk away, then he's beat death again. Not a good attitude for someone who is going to be a daddy.

Madeline lost a father she adored at an early age, and then her husband. She isn't about to let another man into her life who seems determined to take risks with his. Yet, Kurt's determination to a part of her and the child's life, impresses her. And that fact that he is darn sexy doesn't hurt.

This is a great book. The sparks between these two are such fun. At times I wanted to give them both a good shake; Kurt for taking some stupid chances and Madeline for being so afraid to open her heart again to love.

What happens? Do they work it out, or are they just too different? I guess you'll have to read it for yourself and find out.

Book Blurb for Fly Me to Paradise

Madeline Holt's elation at being pregnant by her late husband's sperm is short lived when she learns the lab made a mistake. The real biological father, Kurt Williams, is as shocked and resentful as she. When they meet, they clash. Madeline is an independent business woman who wants nothing to do with this stranger. But Kurt is determined not to follow in the footsteps of his own father, who abandoned him and his mother early on.

The relationship is further complicated by Kurt’s fight with his inner demons. A cancer survivor, the reason he donated his sperm so he could still have children, he’s coping with his unpredictable future by racing cars, jumping out of planes—whatever dangerous activity that proves he can outsmart the Grim Reaper. Madeline has already lost a husband and a father. She doesn’t need another chapter of living on the edge.

Will their growing attraction and Kurt's involvement in her pregnancy be enough to build a future together?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 5.00