Broken Prophecy

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Broken Prophecy

Heirs of Aeden, #1

An Broken Prophecy is an enchanting Urban Fantasy tale that might upset some people. Angels, demons, and vampires work together on the “same” side. They are the heroes in this tale along with some humans, shape shifters and other beings. The story is terrific and a wonderful start to a new series; I cannot wait to read more of them.

--After her ex-husband cut up her inner body, Marcella is sad that she cannot have a child. However, she is not worried too much about herself but with the people under her charge at the hospital. Marcella is taking care of a child at the hospital who has not much long to live. On the other hand, the child tells her something she cannot believe. He says “The Fey want you to remember now.” What is going to happen now?

Book Blurb for Broken Prophecy

Only Killian’s bloodline was created with the planet. No other can accept the Seal and no human can carry the seed to bear the Heirs of Aeden.

Killian, King of the Fey, is in love with Marcella Rowan, human and forbidden to his kind. An errant Angel, seeking revenge, awakens creatures thought long dead or mythological. Marcella’s life in danger and against the Divine Council’s orders, Killian saves her from death—by claiming her as his soulmate. As earthly and other-earthly creatures polarize toward good or evil, Marcella and Killian must survive the forces driving them apart. Only their love can unite the worlds of magick and mundane. Only their love can force their peoples to put aside bigotry, jealousy, and fear to overcome the evil tearing the earth apart. Only the magick they make together can repopulate Earth’s garden in Aeden.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00