Lioness' Skin

Zoe Lionheart # 3

The latest mission to find and capture enemies of the state has ended with the deaths of all but one of the valued members of her team. April is out to settle the score with the ones that betrayed her.

After enduring countless hours of torture Zoe is mentally and physically crushed. Zoe has powers that help her mentally and physically heal but she has no real clue how they work. With the help of her team leader, part-time lover and best friend April she will start to uncover memories from her past that will help her understand not only herself but how to defeat her enemies.

Together these two women will save the world from the people who wish to harm it and have a lot of fun doing it as well.

I wanted to like this story, I really did, but after reading it twice I just cannot like the story on its own. Several times throughout the reading I found myself thinking: “I would really like this story if…” or “ This story would be better if…” there are many elements to this novel that I do like: the overall premise of the novel and the strong bond between the characters- just to name a few. But overall the story is too long, lacks focus, and just does not deliver on any level. The main problem is that while there is a lot of action going on there is no world building, no background to connect the reader to both the characters and the events that are going on. Zoe, one of the main protagonists, has a supernatural ability that just exists. The reveal of her past just takes too long and is ultimately is not very interesting, there is no sense of urgency that is inherently built up when one reads these sorts of stories. That at any moment the world could end if one mistake is made. I cannot reveal too much of the plot but basically if one can never really get hurt and knows almost everything then what is the point of writing the story.

And while I love erotica I found that there were too many sex scenes and not enough story. This story has lots of potential to be good but it needs to be trimmed down about seventy pages and focused on one clear story. Neither character is particularly likeable because we don’t get the opportunity to get to know the characters

The writing is very uneven and the word choice at times is either out right wrong or just confusing. The pacing is also uneven. It starts out in medias res and then continues without writing in obvious time changes for the reader. There’s is a lot of information to unpack but it just reads as if the person decided to write until they were tired and forgot to go back and make corrections and fill in the necessary details to make certain scenes work. I love stories that feature strong female characters doing all the work that alpha males usually do. But this story was just too clunky and disjointed for me to enjoy. 

Book Blurb for Lioness' Skin

Zoe has challenged powerful opponents--suddenly the huntress becomes the hunted. But you shouldn't count your kittens before they are born. In the total darkness of a large cave system, she has to face her true origin. (Heat 4 / Pages 252)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 2.50