Studs in Spurs, Book 5

When I read the synopsis for Flanked I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was a smoking hot book that I couldn’t put down till I finished the whole thing. I was wishing my honey wasn’t asleep with any early wake-up. Pick this one up for a smoking hot rodeo read. I really loved this book and will go back and read it again.

I haven't read any of the former books in the Studs in Spurs series. This is book five and you better believe I'm gonna find the rest. I have read other books by Cat and liked them. With this one just give me a naked sexy cowboy and leave me alone for a while. I guess reading is better than none. Cat, please keep the books a coming and please keep the sex fiery too.

With bull riding and hot sexy cowboys this book is just want every girl should want. Garrett is a bull rider doing pretty good in the standings until his bum hurt shoulder just keeps getting worse. The rodeo Dr. Tandy tells him he needs to have surgery now and to do it during the break between the circuits. That way he wouldn't miss but only a few rides.

Then he meets Silver who he thinks is one sexy babe in leather pants and feels that instant attraction. Silver is his friends sister and friends don't do friends sisters. Silver feels the attraction and she offers him sex, sex and more sex. And it’s out of this world. She also offers him a quick solution to his surgery problem. He can marry her and have surgery. They can divorce after it has healed and he can ride again.

Garrett did a fantastic job of hiding everything from his BFF and trying to keep the friend code of not dating your friend’s sister. I was drooling over hearing about his stamina and the sex they had. YUM!

Book Blurb for Flanked

It's the perfect plan...until the ties that bind reach into their hearts.

Garret James doesn't need a woman tying him down. Not when the number of buckle bunny notches on his belt-and his position in the pro bull rider standing-are both on the rise. Just when he learns he's this close to blowing out his bad shoulder, Silver Jordan roars into his life, long, leather-clad legs straddling her Harley. Hell, he might not mind being tied to one woman, if that one woman was her. There's one problem-she's his friend's sister. But once their eyes lock, resistance is futile.

Then Silver offers him a smoking-hot deal. He gets the hottest sex of his life and access to her health insurance for his career-saving surgery-all wrapped up in a marriage of convenience. In exchange, she gets her parents off her back about her reluctance to follow their marriage-and-kids roadmap.

For a while, dodging questions and hiding their arrangement is easy. But in private, they battle emotions between them they never expected to grow. After all, the marriage is only temporary...isn't it?

Warning: Contains body piercings guaranteed to make you squirm, a very intimately placed tattoo, one clandestine wedding and even more secretive sex. 179 pages

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50