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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a story of four women; Amber, Sienna, Tiffany and Grace who all received a fantasy chain letter with a purple silk scarf. They have seven days to fulfill their deepest sexual fantasy using the scarf and than send it to ano...


Wanna Play - Ghost Unit, Book Three

Wanna Play is the third book in Gail Faulkner's Ghost Unit series about a covert ex-military team of sexy men that meet their match with strong and sometimes kick-butt heroines. This story will keep the reader riveted page after page as pul...

5 Stars

Groom's Gift - Naughty Nuptials

What would you be willing to do if the man of your dreams was marrying someone else in just a few days? Break into his apartment wearing nothing but high heels and a strategically placed bow? That's what Libby is desperate enough to try in...

3 Stars

Wed and Wanton - Naughty Nuptials- Quickies

Elise Knowlton, Julian Flemming and Rick McClane have been friends since the second grade. They have done everything together. Rick has always had a crush on Elise since they were kids. Elise and Julian are getting married and they want Ric...

4 Stars

Mr. Fullservice

I enjoyed the story being of an older woman, Maisy, who is enthralled by the attentions of a young man, Dean. Their feelings are expressed on this issue repeatedly as would probably be the case if it were a real life love. Ruby Storm dedica...

3 Stars

Ben's Wildflower - Book two in the Men in Love series.

Ben's Wildflower is the second book in Carol Lynne's Men in Love series. Ben is staying with his seal buddies while hoping to find a home of his own. Kate has isolated herself on her ranch that boarders Ben's friends. As she struggles to ho...


Lucifer's Angel

Gabriel, a Chicago cop, has lost his partner. He blames himself for his partner's death. Gabriel takes off on his bike and travels around the USA. He is a troubled soul seeking help and he finds this help in Mariah. Mariah is a small town g...

4 Stars

Deal of a Lifetime

Deal of a Lifetime is a spicy read. Annette meets Rich while pretending to have a boyfriend. Annette's sister is overprotective and believes that every woman needs a husband. Annette appeases her sister's need by showing up to events saying...

3 Stars

Issy's Infatuation

Issy's Infatuation was a treat for the sports enthusiast. Who's the rugby coach and who's the player when Issy's initial skittishness abates and she shows her expertise in their boudoir scrums? I have a few problems with some of the underly...


Wicked Ties

Shayla Black draws you into this story with two strong willed, believable characters, and a story line that involves a stalker, family, revenge, sexual fantasy, secrets and love. Jack's involvement with Morgan begins as revenge against Bran...

5 Stars
  • Author: Shayla Black
  • Review by: Dee
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Penguin Group

Ride a Cowboy

I don't know of any woman who can resist a cowboy. I usually find relationship development to be a little thin in short stories. Not so with Ride a Cowboy. Ms. Devlin manages to give us the satisfaction of falling in love as well as the fan...

4 Stars

The Wedding of Eros

Wylie Reed Richardson has compiled a titillating collection of, seek and ye shall find love, love stories. The format is an exciting way to introduce the ways of romance into all the stories presenting Roger and Julies' story in three parts...


There are 2,862 results matching your search criteria.