• On Mar 28, 2017, Molly Jebber said: Wonderful Service

    What a wonderful service you provide! I'm so happy with the results. Thank you so much. I'll use your service again. Awesome! ~ Molly Jebber

  • On May 30, 2015, chrisinwi said: I love this site!

    I love this site! I have chatted with a lot of great authors at the Monday night chats. I've even won some books! Plus everyday you can check out the site for new releases in any theme you could wish for. A must see for any reader!

  • On Oct 15, 2014, Gail Koger said: Gail Koger Testimonial

    Getting Night Owl Reviews' Top Pick Award is like winning the lottery. Awesome. Chris, my book reviewer, is honest and her reviews descriptive. She tells you what she liked about the book and what she didn't. She answers any questions a reader might have about the plot. NOR is worth the money.

  • On Jul 16, 2013, Karen Cote' said: Promotions

    Night Owls kicks butt in exposure. ~ Karen Cote'

  • On Jul 16, 2013, Jianne Carlo said: Chats

    Your chats are the best! ~ Jianne Carlo

  • On Jul 16, 2013, Lynn Lorenz said: NOR Chats

    I really love the NOR chats. So much better than loops or forums! ~ Lynn Lorenz

  • On Jan 10, 2013, Rionna Morgan said: Testimonial

    I am involved in the Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt and wow oh wow! My web traffic has really grown. Thank you!!

    Rionna Morgan

    …Romantic Suspense as Big as Montana!

  • On Nov 30, 2012, Author Gail DeYoung said: Testimonial

    I joined the Night Owl Reviews Halloween Web Hunt and was pleasantly surprised to see how many hits I had on my website and blog during that period. The traffic increased significantly and the credit goes to NOR. I plan to join another web hunt when my next book comes out as I feel this is a great way to introduce readers to authors they don't know that well. Thank you, NOR. - Author Gail DeYoung

  • On Nov 30, 2012, Author David M. Brown said: Testimonial

    "Since my novel, Fezariu's Epiphany, was released in March 2011, Night Owl Reviews have been amazing. I've taken up several of their promo options including debut author package, video spot, guest posting and most recently a large banner splash. I've also had my title reviewed. There's never anything they won't do to help and when I recently changed my book cover, Tammie updated my page as soon as she realised from my ad request email. It's that kind of service that makes Night Owl Reviews fantastic - they really care about authors and readers!" - Author David M. Brown

  • On Nov 30, 2012, Author Karen Lewis said: Testimonial

    "Since Flash Fiction was featured on Night Owl Suspense the number of visits to my site have greatly increased." - Author Karen Lewis

  • On Nov 30, 2012, Author Suzanne Rock said: Testimonial

    "I've been doing the web hunts for a while now, but this is the most successful one yet! I have already reached a personal record of monthly hits on my site for September and the month isn't even half over! Not only did I signup for the winter and spring hunts, but I told my author friends about it, too. :) great job!! :)" - Author Suzanne Rock